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    Greetings! I am a long time lurker of the site and decided it was time to create an account. I am about 5 years in consistently (Not counting my Beta 'Ah Chop Chop' I had for 6 full years) and as most can most likely relate.....expanding my hobby. I currently have a 75G that houses my large 3yo Pleco, 2 4yo Cherry Barbs that were that last of the school of 7 to survive a storm of sickness that happened after I bought fish from Petco (never again), 4 Bleeding Hearts, 6 1yo Silver Hatchetfish, 1 5yo Albino Cory (last of his school of 3 to survive Petco fiasco) and lastly 3 small *new* Tiger Loaches.

    I didn't want to up my schools of cherry barbs or Corys so they will be living out their happy lives for hopefully many more years to come. I have had bad luck keeping other fish in this tank as they have died within 2 months of being placed in the tank. I think it is just very seasoned and adding more would just over populate and stress everyone out.

    I just set up a spare 20g tank that I have used a beautiful granite and Pea gravel substrate and filled it with natural black lava rock formations and driftwood. I have heavily planted the tank and will check my levels nect week then think about the addition of fish after its cycled. This is my first time setting up a planted tank. I've had live plants with driftwood in my larger tank however this one will be HEAVILY planted. This one will be built up slowly and carefully

    I'm excited to chat with enthusiasts and continue my learning.
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    Welcome to Fishlore!
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