Green Tiger Barb fins all eaten away Help

  1. kriptus Initiate Member

    Ok guys, so i have a 70 gallon tank and i got 8 fish in : 2 green tiger barbs, 2 golden barbs, 2 red tailed sharks and 3 variatus platies. This morning i woke up and noticed that one of my tiger barbs was upside down trying to swim upright but it had all its fins eaten away. Also the male platy has its tail nibbled and even one of my golden barbs...... I placed the injured barb in a hospital tank but i don't think it will survive. I need help, i don't know which one of my fish is doing this :( and its gonna kill all of them by time. I have tried watch the tank for 1 hour but still i didn't see anything that would lead me to the nibbler. Any ideas guys ?? Thanks
  2. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    It could be the other tiger barb, they can be nippy when kept in small numbers & should be kept in groups of at least 6 more is better.
    The gold barbs also should be kept in groups of 6+
    The sharks could also be a possibility, it's not recommended to keep more than one shark as they can be territorial & aggressive.
  3. kriptus Initiate Member

    Thank you very much, so if i split the gold barbs and one shark in another tank and get 4 more tiger barbs all should be well? Thanks again
  4. Coradee Moderator Moderator Member

    The gold barbs need to be kept in groups of 6+ as well as they're a shoaling fish.
    I would get more than just 4 tiger barbs, 8-10 would be better as you have the room for them in the 70
  5. kriptus Initiate Member

    Ok ill dget more of those 2, then i guess ill get more so that i have about 9 :) Thank you very much :D