Green Terror Cichlid Sick?!

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Forums' started by katiemorrison94, Apr 11, 2017.

  1. katiemorrison94Valued MemberMember

    My green terror has been acting very weird for the last few days. He isn't eating and has just been laying around the bottom on the tank. Normally when I open the lid he rushes to the top to eat and practically jumps out of the water getting his food. I just don't understand what's going on. He is in a 60 gallon tank alone, sand substrate, 80 degrees, 0 ppm ammonia, 0 ppm nitrite, and 5-10 ppm nitrates.

    I've been looking at him and it looks like he hurt his head somehow, like it looks scratched. See attached photos of him and my decor in my tank. Maybe he is getting hurt on the decor. Please help me, I'm so worried!!


  2. RivermonsterValued MemberMember

    How long has the tank and filter been running? Whats your tank ph and tap ph?

    Thermometer reading?

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  3. katiemorrison94Valued MemberMember

    The tanks been up for a couple months now and it's 80 degrees and I have to check the pH real quick.

  4. RivermonsterValued MemberMember

    Is that temp reading off a thermometer or your heater? How long has that big white rock been in the tank?
  5. katiemorrison94Valued MemberMember

    PH is 7.5

    The temp reading is off my thermometer, NOT the heater. I've had the rock in there for a little over a month I think. It got a lot of algae growth so I added some stuff to help with the algae on Saturday. Maybe that's affecting him. I added this (see picture)

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  6. RivermonsterValued MemberMember

    If the fish has always been fine and recently changed my guess is too much algae fix. Use more frequent small water changes and less light ie 6hours a day or less. The bottle wont remove the cause of the algae.
  7. katiemorrison94Valued MemberMember

    I'll do a water change tomorrow & hopefully he will start being normal again. Thanks!
  8. RivermonsterValued MemberMember

    Its funny because my next question before you sent the algaefix pic was have you added anything new to the tank ie additives. Oxygen levels decrease, filter bacteria affected. And possibly ph change. Most algae remedys treat hair algaes, some are really stuborn. Snails and shrimp may help but good look finding suitable tank mates for the green ha
  9. katiemorrison94Valued MemberMember

    Yeah I think ill just leave the algae alone tbh. I can't have any tank mates with him & I already cut down my feeding and light hours. Dont know what im doing wrong to cause algae. I think it has something to do with me having well water & having more minerals than regular tap water.
  10. RivermonsterValued MemberMember

    Yh its possibly the well water. High nitrates cause it aswell. Putting plants in there would reduce nitrates and help.
    If no plants you could have the light on for as little as you want even 1 or 2 hours a day or move tank away from windows(sheild) There prob is snails you can put in there

    And yh you dont know the mineral content of the well water
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  11. katiemorrison94Valued MemberMember

    I have no clue. Ive had fish for years and algae had always been a problem. I just figured I was unlucky lol
  12. NeonRastaValued MemberMember

    Why can't you have any tankmates with him
  13. katiemorrison94Valued MemberMember

    He will kill everything! This fish either have to be paired or alone. They have a nasty reputation but are great alone! He is so fun to watch!
  14. katiemorrison94Valued MemberMember

    Update 4/13/2017
    I did a 50% water change last night & he seems to be more active today. He still hasn't eaten though. I don't know what to do to make him eat. He lives his food so I know it's not that. How long could he go without eating & not die?
  15. NeonRastaValued MemberMember

    Fish can go weeks without eating

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