Green spotted puffer tank mate?

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Hello everyone, First off, I want to say my tank is a 20 gallon, and I do realize a fully grown GSP needs a 30 gallon tank or more, but for the time being when it is young, I would love to get some sort of tank mate for the puffer. I understand they are notorious fin-nippers, but I have seen so many youtube videos of people with successful community tanks containing GSPs and other fish, like mollies, ect... So I have a few questions.

My first question is, What kind of fish could I keep with the GSP?
My second question is, If there aren't really any fish I am able to keep with the GSP, would I be able to purchase a second Green spotted puffer, and have them both in the 20 gallon until they start growing larger, then I would move them to a 55 gallon? I'd much rather have 1 green spotted puffer, and a small group of other fish.
Lastly, My tank is very slightly brackish at the moment, and once I get the puffer, (I am guessing it will be in freshwater conditions at the LFS), I will start adding salt slowly to help it get to higher end brackish waters. What kind of fish can survive and thrive in brackish waters that won't produce massive amounts of waste?

I want my fish to be happy and healthy, and if worst comes to worst, I can just have the one GSP in the 20 gallon alone, and then eventually move it to a 30 gallon. I really love the look of some tropical fish, although I'm not sure which ones will survive in brackish conditions.

Any input is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Sincerely, Failwhale
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1. Different GSPs have different personalities, but generally they are notorious fin nippers. I have read that some people keep bumblebee gobies with their GSPs with success and some not sharing the same luck. If you are lucky enough to have one which can tolerate other fish, fish you should consider are ones which aren't small enough for them to eat or big enough to eat them (not much help, I know).

2. I had 3 GSPs in a 30gal (juveniles), I think the key to having more than one in a tank would be to have it densely planted or with many hiding places.

3. Scats, Mono Sebae, Archer Fish are commonly available brackish water fish which can also tolerate marine environments.
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BBGs? I don't know about that and have only seen others as well as myself keep them with figure 8s and not GSPs. I currently keep my F8 in a 55 gallon with 5 female lyertail gold dust mollies but I'm not sure I would be succesful with a GSP. I would try it with only a singleton GSP and see what happens but expect the worse. A puffer's personaity varies way too much and you might have to live with the results of having to re-house someone. I have another F8 that was removed from the 55 gallon once the mollies were introduced because of his overzealous eating behavior and I would totally expect this from most GSPs.

BBGs also do best in low end BW and the SG of an adult GSP would be too much. I've never kept them but I have researched monos and archers but they gro to be huge and require schools and a 55 gallon is inadequate for both. Scats are also hard to feed and a GSP's feeding ingenuity might make it worse.

If it were me I would hold out for a singleton and the 55 gallon and add some female mollies at that time and see what happens. The good thing about mollies is they will eat flake or pellets, so the puff won't compete as much for food. Others will have to chime in about keeping mollies long term in high end BW. My experience is only at the low end of 1.005.

Another possibility is to wait for the GSP to grow up a bit and go full marine. I've heard some success of keeping certain Saltwater fish with adult GSPs.

I will also add that in my F8 experience a singleton's personality is much more relaxed when there in less compitition for food. And one will always out eat the other and this isn't good for the "winner" of the most food.
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I have definitely heard of them doing well with bumblebees, but said gobies can be difficult to feed properly...they definitely have special needs.

Usually to keep a second puffer with a GSP, you need at least 60g. Many GSPs won't tolerate tank mates at all and really don't nip fins - they EAT fins. Now, I personally have a molly that was making life miserable for everyone else in my community tank with her aggression issues, but she has so far made a perfect tankmate for Kirby if you discount an occasional spat. You might do well finding a couple mollies that people want to get rid of because they're bullies and going with that. Mollies do produce a high bioload, but they're one of the few brackish-to-marine fish that are appropriately sized for a 30 gallon (or even a 50...)

GSPs should go full marine or at least very high-end brackish when they reach a certain age. Bumblebee gobies cannot do that. Mollies are one of the few that could make the switch with him.

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