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Quick question:I just got some green seaweed for my coral beauty and I m not sure for how long I shut leave the seaweed in my tank.On the box says 24 hours but also says is great if you going for holiday.Obeviously holiday is more than 24 days so I m slighty confused.


Usually NorI will fall apart and should fall apart (high quality Seaweed and not one that's been sitting on shelf for long time) when introduced to tank w/ given time.
Goral Beauty is grazer and I have always rub small piece of NorI b/n fingers to break up so it can pick/eat more. Never had good success when used clip to hold the strip of nore. When soften, whole piece can rip off the clip and end up on filter strainer.

Its not a good vacation feeder either IMO. I would rather have tank grow enough algae(macro/micro) for fish to graze in your absence and of course lighting on timer to keep the algae growing.


If it's nori, cerianthus is right, it will likely fall apart and end up in your filter (I had that happen twice, then I learned my lesson ). The stuff is kind of strange. Dry, the stuff tears easily. Moist, wrapped around sushI rice, it's fairly tough stuff. You can bite through it, but it doesn't rip as easily. Wet, it falls apart.
Only feed enough norI to be immediately eaten.

Other types of sea vegetable can last longer. Certain types of kelp are cut in whole strips (rather than a pulp that's pressed together like nori). However, these can be tougher to eat, and soft-mouthed fish may have problems with them.
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