Green Or Red Texas Cichlid?

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Which cichlid is he?

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  1. Jake.B 98

    Jake.B 98New MemberMember

    20190114_105720.jpg20190114_110015.jpg20190114_110226.jpg So I bought this fish a half a year ago at my local petsmart as a red texas cichlid.He was very shy unlike others so i thought he would be more peaceful and possibly have tank mates(turned out to be very very untrue he is the most aggressive fish I own even killing a 9 inch blue hap when the texas cichlid was 5 and half inches but. he looked beautiful so I thought for 20 bucks why not.He has since grown to be my favorite fish in my aquarium collection with a lot of personality,size and color. Very personal loves to move the rocks around the barrier so he can push it plays with the air stone bites just about everything that looks interesting.He is 6.5 inches long currently in a 60 gallon with a divider until he outgrows it I'm looking for a bigger tank haven't found one but at the end of the day I work at a fish store so he has a healthy home no matter what.He will sometimes show light red and dark bronzey orange a long his cheek and around and behind his eyes towards the bottom of his fin.but for the most part he is scaley blue with hues of green depending on the light.So is he a red Texas cichlid or a green Texas cichlid or something else? Also what size of tank would you recommend if I want to keep him with tank mates,what would work for tankmates? 20190114_110226.jpg
  2. Max077

    Max077Valued MemberMember

    He's a green Texas
  3. SomeoneFISHy

    SomeoneFISHyValued MemberMember

  4. Coptapia

    CoptapiaWell Known MemberMember

    Absolutely a red. Far too intense for a green.
  5. Lithurgus

    LithurgusNew MemberMember

    Neither it seems a green texas or red texas to me.. its more close to jack dempsey or a mix...its just my opinion, others may have their own..but i am 100 percent sure that its not a green texas atleast...
  6. Coptapia

    CoptapiaWell Known MemberMember

    There’s nothing about it to suggest Jack Dempsey.
  7. Skavatar

    SkavatarWell Known MemberMember

    the 5 black markings near the tail looks most similar to Texas Green.

    they get up to 12" long, a tank that is 48" long. they are aggressive.
  8. A201

    A201Well Known MemberMember

    The pictured fish is a Unfaded Red Texas Cichlid. It's more or less a Flowerhorn. A very small percentage of Red Texas fry actually end up peeling, exposing the desired red pearling with white highlights. I also own a Petsmart unfaded Red Texas Cichlid. Pic #1 is when he was a 2" baby. Pic#2 was taken at the one year mark. He had grown to 10". 20181024_200511.jpg20181208_153827.jpg
  9. OP
    Jake.B 98

    Jake.B 98New MemberMember

    Yeah its definitely tough because a lot of fish like this one are hybrids of something at least a long time ago whether it's a flower horn or some type of texas cichlid but theres a lot of blood parrot hybrids out there.Going to a recent fish auction in my state where I went with the LFS that I work for and the popular opinion I'm hearing is blue Texas cichlid.
  10. OP
    Jake.B 98

    Jake.B 98New MemberMember

    And I have him in a 40 breeder at the moment,but I have recently bought a 90 gallon wave for him which I think will be a good fit for him.