green chromis compatibility

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    Damian19 Valued Member Member

    I want to know if it would be alright to keep a school of 6 green chromis in my 30"L x 12"W x 22"H 37 gallon tank.Would they be compatible?In the fishlore saltwater fish profile page it says they can be kept in a 30 gallon minimum.I need all the help i can get because i want to make sure i do everything right.Thanks
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    rocky12 New Member Member

    chromis compatibility

    Yes you can keep chromis in your tank. If you look at the fish stores they have chromis in shools per tank. One thing I would like to tell you is 6 chromis is pushing the limits with your tank. I have found the old rule of thumb of 1inch of fish per five gallons of water in saltwater is really pushing the limits. It's more like 2in of fish per 6 gallons of water. When adding your fish don't add anymore than three at a time. It will start stressing your bioload of your tank.I wouldn't recomend adding a different species with your chromis. Good luck!!!!
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    Hi there,
    Well as far as adding a chromis to your tank, based on size, you are fine. As far as how many I would sy that a total of maybe 6 fish would be the limit of how many fish to put in that size tnank. This is the total number of all fish that might be ok in your tank. As far as them being compatible is a different story. I hasd read alot before of people doing shools of chromis, to only end up with one. I was a little skepticle as I know they are not very aggressive at all, if any. Thus I wanted to try it in one of my 55's. I started with two and then added 2 at a time every week. Thus in 3 weeks I had 6 chromis, well when it came to first couple of days after I reached all 6, one went missing. I did not find his body at all. Then few laters another one went missing, but I found him dead a my star was on it eating it. Then I thought, that it was the star killing them in their sleep. Thus I went and got two more to replace the ones I lost. When I got back, another one was missin. Thus I had 5 at that time. Then again every other day or so, one would disappear. It got to the point that now I only have, guess how many, one left. Not sure if it is true, that they will pick at each other untill the strongest one survies, but I was sure not going to keep buying fish that are dying as fast as I was buying them. The moral of the story is that they might pick at each other in that small tank untill only one is left, or they might not. At the end it will be up to you to decide if you want to try, but don't be shocked fi they start to disappear or come up dead.