Green Chromis aggression :(

  1. platy ben

    platy ben Well Known Member Member

    Hello everybody!

    4 days ago I added 4 green chromis to my 34G marine tank, I know that the chromis will set up a pecking order, however one chromis in particular isnt looking good. It is very thin and is definitly at the bottom of the pecking order and won't eat. The other 3 are still challenging each other.

    So here are my questions..

    How long will my chromis be before the pecking order is set?

    Can I do anything to help my starving chromis?

  2. OP
    platy ben

    platy ben Well Known Member Member

    I think its now too late for the starving chromis, it is layingo n theb ottom gasping very quickly, there is nothing I can do.
  3. nemo addict

    nemo addict Well Known Member Member

    Hi ben chromis are best kept in odd numbers and they will pick on the odd one,,, in smaller tanks , in larger tanks chromis can be kept in large schools , do you have a Qtank to transfer other chromis ?? and if so try to feed with lights off to let them settle in