Green Barb Taking A Beating

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    Rudson Initiate Member

    Hi guys,

    I have a 60g tank with:

    5x Tiger Barb
    5x Green Barb
    4x Torpedo Barb
    1x Red Tail Shark
    1x Blue Phantom Plec

    The 10 Tiger/Green barbs have been ok for the past 6 weeks, however i noticed one green barb was kinda segregated every now and then and showed signs of fin nipping/rot. I kept an eye on it and im pretty sure its not rot, more so fin nipping.

    Over the past few days this fish has been looking much worse, even more fin loss and i've actually been watching 2 of the other green barbs actively cruising up to it and nipping, one green barb in particular looks like the dominant male, as its very colourful and slighlty larger than all the others.

    What can I do? From what ive read, i have enough barbs for school size not to be an issue (although the tigers and green barbs seem to stay seperate?), theres plenty of space and hiding spots/cover in the tank.

    Can I quarentine the bully or the bullied? How long would be best? Wont it just all happen again when re-introduced?

    My RTS also goes mental every now and then and chases everyone like a lunatic, but at least the rage is spread out evenly haha.


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    Rudson Initiate Member

    Also, I thought id mention my water parameters are all good and i do 30% water changes every 2 weeks
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    Auroraspet Member Member

    Might be pecking order but not sure. If it's getting to hurt I'd move it to a new tank.