Green algae growing on plants

  1. Papichulo Member Member

    I have a greenish colored algae growing on plants and certain parts of my driftwood, it does wipe off as I will clean during each water change (weekly waterchanges) within 2 days there will be algae growing again. Its a 55 gal 22 inch depth tank with a 48" satellite freshwater led +, a 70 aquaclear hob. Its a gravel bottom with 3 clown loaches ( still small ) and 6 diamond tetras. Please help as I cant figure out the algae reason. My lights are on 7 hours a day, I just now swapped it to 4 on 4 off and 4 on to see if thatll help. I dose seachem flourish once weekly and flourish iron every otherday. Any and all criticism and help is wanted.
  2. Papichulo Member Member

    Also any help with why some of my plants wont get more red.

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  3. DanB80TTS Well Known Member Member

    What plants do you have growing in the tank?

    EDIT: Never mind you beat my post with pics, I can't tell from the pics but is it kind of stringy?
  4. Papichulo Member Member

    no not stringing tho I do have some other looking stringyish stuff on a 1 or 2 plants
  5. DanB80TTS Well Known Member Member

    I was trying to figure out if it was Cyanobacteria, or just algae. Something must be out of whack though, what are your nitrates at?
  6. Papichulo Member Member

    Around 5ppm it never gets higher than 10 on a water change day which I do every Wednesday. The tank been up and runnin for a couple months now.
  7. Papichulo Member Member

    I was trying to get some pics of the clown loaches as they are friendly but they dont like to sit still enough for my ty tablet to take a picture, theyve gottenmuch better colors since I got them from my lfs I even have me a baby tetra growing now.
  8. DanB80TTS Well Known Member Member

    I didn't expect to see many nitrates with all of that elodea.
    Is the algae something new or has it been around for a long time?
  9. Papichulo Member Member

    its been around for a while now , my fear is it being cyanobacteria as it sometimes has that very dark green color almost blue.
  10. AlyeskaGirl Fishlore VIP Member

    Is the algae more fuzzy or a slimy appearance?

    I would also add a powerhead for more circulation around the tank.

    What makes the red plants more red is bright light.
  11. DanB80TTS Well Known Member Member

    If it does turn out to be cyano, I can tell you the product Chemiclean works, I just treated my 55 with it, of course you still need to take care of the root cause.
  12. Papichulo Member Member

    I have tried every powerhead I could get from the store but even there smallest blew my plants around and blows my tetras around, is there a specific size?, its more slimy than anything theres this fuzzy lookin stuff on some of my red plants but thats different. The guy at my lfs told me my light would be plenty for all the planting I wanted to do but I found out that was a total lie.
  13. Fishma Initiate Member

    I ran into this issue and solved it with a massive water change, removed it manually, switched from flake food to pellet (and reduced feedings), and started using Flourish Excel (as you're already doing). I also have a good colony of RC shrimp and 2 Nerite snails to help. Hopefully, that is of some help.
  14. Papichulo Member Member

    I do not use excel though I have been thinking about getting it. I use regular flourish, would the large water change make my tank recycle or hurt my clown loaches as I know they can be very sensitive. I have 1 japanese algae eating shrimp. I using 2 sponges instead of sponge and carbon in my hob.
  15. Papichulo Member Member

    How do I find out the cause of whats making this algae , my nitrates are never high by the time its due for a water change
  16. Fishma Initiate Member

    I haven't owned clown loaches in a while so I can't give any input on how sensitive they are. You can still try removing it manually and reduce your amount of feedings. I found the root cause of the problem for mine was I had too many nutrients in the water from overfeeding my fish (I also had a score of 0 on both nitrites and nitrates).
  17. AlyeskaGirl Fishlore VIP Member

    If you can get a closeup photo of the algae that would be great. Cyano usually pops up due to low nitrates or not enough circulation around the tank. Could also be a combination of both. NitrAtes in a planted tank should be around 10-20ppm or even a little higher in highlight setups.

    The Hydor Koralia Nano is one that wont blast fish/plants around. A couple of those would work.

    With that fixture you are using it is a low light setup. I would also stop dosing the extra iron as there is iron in the Flourish Comp and your tank is low tech. Do some extra water changes and suck out any dead plant matter etc. the extra water changes wont hurt your fish.
  18. Papichulo Member Member

    Alright ill stop dosing the iron , I did a little water change saturday but today is my scheduled water change day so ill try to get all the algae out. Ill be buying that hydor asap is there anywhere specific I should place it in my tank. I do have a empty 125 I planned on filling and setting up but with all the algae problems ive had with this planted tank its kinda oushing me off plants.
    Is there any other advice or tips im open to all criticism.

    Ps. Will my new light hours ruin everything. I started doing 4 on 4 off than 4 on to see if itd help combat the algae.
  19. Papichulo Member Member

    My apolgies for the quality this tablets camera is garbage.

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  20. Papichulo Member Member

    Side note should I dose floruish excel and if so how much.