Green Algae And Diatoms At The Same Time.


I seem to have green spot algae and diatoms at the same time. I am quite new to planted tanks. The thing that confuses me is that I thought that green algae was caused by too much light and diatoms were caused by too little light. However, I seem to be getting both at the same time. The diatoms has been happening for a while and the green algae for a few weeks. I attempted the bleach dip method a few weeks ago to clean the stained anubias leaves. I regretted this as a week later all of the anubias that I dipped had died. I used 5% as instructed for a couple of minutes.

I am not using co2 but am dosing Colombo liquid carbon. I also fertilise using a combination of tropica specialised and premium.

Is there anything a can do before my buce and anubias gets even more stained?



Easiest thing is ramshorn or bladder snails. As the plants mature they’ll outcompete the Albee’s though. If your budget allows you can do co2 ... or I’ve had mixed results from the liquid carbon options in boosting plant growth


I would suggest only using one of the fertilizers and not both. You can choose whichever one suits your tank based on their website. Tropica Premium fertiliser - universal, liquid fertiliser for aquariums - Tropica Aquarium Plants (Premium) Tropica Specialised fertiliser - liquid fertiliser for planted tanks - Tropica Aquarium Plants (Specialised)


You can have both diatoms and green algae. My new 29 gallon is covered in both right now.

Diatoms are common in new tanks and I believe they thrive with elevated phosphorus and silicates. The three fertilizers may be contributing to the problem as Rye3434 theorized and I agree with the suggestion to consider cutting back. Water changes should help (assuming your source water isn't also a source of them).

Green spot algae is typically from an imbalance with lighting, ferts/nutrients, CO2, and maybe inadequate circulation. What kind of lights are on the tank and what plants do you have in it?

The tank's just out of balance right now.


My tank was overrun with the same when I first started it up. My suggestion is very minor adjustments (change one thing and wait a week or two and then another) or you will be running around like a chicken... Nitrogen cycle and balanced fertilizer and lighting is key here. If your running co2 just make sure it is consistent.

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