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Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by Charlemagne, Apr 15, 2010.

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    Ok, so as some of you know, I recently rescued a beautiful orange betta from a tank with black skirt tetras who were ripping him up. My brother promptly rejected William of Orange(my suggested name) and dubbed him Wolfgang. Wolfgang is in a 1 gal. bowl(don't have a bigger container) on my desk. So today, I asked my sister to feed the main tank. She, not knowing that I had already fed Wolfgang a special supper of 4 freeze-dried bloodworms, fed him again. I saw her leaving my desk w/ the bloodworms and asked "Did you feed Wolfgang?" "Yes" "Well I already fed him" "OH! Sorry!" "Well, how much did you feed him? 2 or 3 worms?" "No, more like 4 or 5 . . " I rushed over to him, and by the time I got there, there was one worm left which he promptly ate before I could remove it. That means that he consumed 9 bloodworms in 5 minutes!!!:eek: The little pig!!!! He's not getting breakfast tomorrow, and probably no dinner either. The little greedygut! Sorry guy, your food supply is cut off!:-X lol
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    Im VERY new to all of this, but Ive read that it is okay to give 6-7 bloodworms twice a day if that is all you are giving them. So if thats the case, you probably dont need to fast him tomorrow.

    Im still doing pellets with the occasional bloodworm so im sure someone else can give a more expert opinion. here is the link where i read what you could feed them:
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    No....I would fast him if you are not reconstuiting the blood worms before you give them to him. If you dont soak the freeze dried blood worms in water or garlic juice/guarlic guard they will only absorb water in your betta and swell up internally which is not good. If your going to keep with the freeze dried blood worms be sure to reconstitue them before feeding them to your betta.
  4. Interesting, I did'nt know that......:;id

    No matter what you think you know, you can always learn more here, pretty cool.
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    Ok, will they swell up visibly bigger when I soak them? And when you say to soak them in garlic, do you mean to just scoop some juice out of a jar of garlic? If so, I can do that easily. Thanks for your help!
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    Keep in mind that their stomachs are really only as big as their eyes. I personally would think 6-7 worms is a bit much, but I suppose that as long as the little one doesn't get sick, it's probably ok. Just watch carefully!
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    Mine get between 3 and 4 when they get the worms (depending on worm size, some are tiddley little things!), and yes just some plain old garlic juice lol. Good luck!