Great Pyrenees

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    Any Pyre owners out there? What the strangest thing your pyre does? Mine has a few odd quirks. She gets excited and chases her tail, catches it then stares at me as though i did it. She thinks shes a lap dog and she hogs the bed. Oddly tho she hardly barks.

    Show off your Pyre!

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    Nice pics :)
    We used to have one when I was a child (many moons ago) She didn’t like my brother playing in the garden so she’d grab onto his clothes, the only way she’d let go was if he managed to get them off.... yes he often ended up running to the house almost in his underwear lol
    If I can find a picture I’ll post it..... of Vicki the dog not my brother lol

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    I found a pic of Vicki with mother & one of the chihuahuas it’s not dated but I’m guessing late 50’s.

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    Wow what an amazingly beautiful photo!!!
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    We usually have a Pyre and a Yorkie but we are down to just one Pyre at the moment. This is our first female and she is more than a handful. She is an absolute brat and my husband says it is all my fault. IMG_0231.JPGIMG_0234.JPG
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    Had two one was working stock the other Niakwa was close to 200 pounds. The most interesting thing I remember was him chasing after a bear. The way he ran so fast and the back did not bounce like other dogs. More like those horses that stay level. He was incredibly fast and a giant. The working one Murdoch had a look in his eyes that was enough to stop people. Both gentle giants with family but others beware.
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    This picture mad me's like who's looking at who :emoji_smile:...lovely dogs..a neighbour near us had a massive Pyre and if you walked past, he mays well have come flying over the fence and sadly he passed away but was soon replaced by another :)
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    The Pyre in that thread with the badger markings was not mine. That was another member. Cute pup! I usually have the all whites and it takes me a while to find the one I want. My LaKota was an exception. I went to get another Pyre and I saw him and the more I looked at him, the more I wanted him. Turns out that it was the luckiest day of my life. LaKota ended up saving me from being raped or worse. I do miss my boy.
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    Adorable Kimberly :emoji_heart:
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    They are guardians...that's what they do. Being a witness to it, I have yet to figure out how they sense evil intentions, but that is their gift. I was shocked and awed by it.
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    Holy cow she's beautiful!!! And yea, they are a handful but not your fault, its the breed.

    Holy cow that had to be frightening. The Pyre is ferocious when needed and a big teddy bear otherwise. Glad your pup kept you safe

    You're not kidding, scary ferocious when needed and lap dogs otherwise.