Great prices for media, supplies, etc. on this website!

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    Hey, all,

    I found this great website,, that has filter media, sponge filters, and decorations that look good quality and cheap prices. Free shipping, too! They probably have other good aquarium supplies, but I just haven't checked everything out. I did see things like protein skimmers, filters, LED decorations, and a ton of other stuff.

    I mean, I bought a sponge filter that I really like on Amazon for over $6, but it's selling for $3 on this website-- WOW! The website has a 7.25"x3"x1" media foam block for $2, also; and bioballs (some of you may not be fans of these, but some aquarists like them) for $4, including a media bag. They don't have a huge selection of decorations, but they still look like they have some good ones. Here's something I'm considering ($2.60!):

    I was seriously considering this air-powered ornament ($6!), but decided not to get it at this point in time:

    It's actually really cool; here's a video of it in action:

    I'm not trying to sell anything for this company, I'm just really impressed. I think this company is based in China, but don't get me wrong, they seem like a great company. They even take PayPal, and their website is well-laid out, and they openly and clearly share information about themselves with the customers/viewers.

    I hope you aquarists out there can benefit from this information. Some of the stuff you may not care for, but I've found myself some seriously good finds.

    Please know, the prices I've mentioned may not be the same when you look on the website. I think they have some sort of sale going on right now.
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    There are some amazing prices on there, very cheap / reasonable. The company is in China and a lot of the brands are unknown but, still, looks like a lot of good deals.