Great looking veil tail

Despite everyone telling me shrimp with a betta isn't a good idea, I just can't resist, tomorrow, this little guy will have tank mates consisting of;
6x Harlequin Galaxy
2x Nerite Snail
4x Blue Velvet Shrimp
Let me know what you think about the tank and the future stock, I will be posting more pictures when I get the new tankmates


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You know, honestly, it depends on the betta on whether they can have tank mates.

My betta, Walter, has tank mates (including shrimp) and is just fine with them. He has danios and little Cory cats as well as some ghost shrimp. I have zero problems with any of the inhabitants of that tank.

In the other tank I have my betta, The Right Reverend Clarence Carter. He can have ZERO tank mates. I tried him with some ghost shrimp. He murdered them all in less than 24 hours. I have to strategically place plants in his tank so he cannot see his own reflection. He cannot be placed near a mirror or where he can see another fish. Despite being a Reverend, he is a straight up cold hearted ruthless murderer.
Nice! I just added a betta to my 38 gallon. I just kept an eye on him. No causalities so far, but he's a full moon & cannot swim faster than the tetras!

Good luck!
They didn't have any Blue Velvet Shrimp, only Crystal Shrimp and only one at the time but I got him and will be getting more next week, so far so good, he nipped at the rasboras a little at first but never truly hurt them because they were too fast and it took his attention away from the shrimp which I don't think he realizes is there yet which was what I was hoping for, I will get pictures when I turn the light back on in the morning!
So far so good the poor Crystal Shrimp didnt survive overnight and it wasn't because of the betta, there were no signs of biting, it just seems he wasmt putting up with my water parameters


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I'm not sure on decision but I wouldn't do the cories becasue they like groups of 5-6+.

Whats the dimension of the tank?
You have lots of hiding places, that's excellent. This is just me, but personally I like lots of plants in my tanks, since they benefit greatley the ecology of it and plainly look nice. So I would say few more plants, that should make it easier for your future shrimps if you decide to get them again. They also help to keep water parameters more stable.
It's really hard to get pictures of the little buggers but I got 5 cherry shrimp but I've only seen 4 at a time but I can barely see them when I do see them so I am sure he is okay, but it was a success they survived overnight and have now been in 2 days with no aggression from the betta except at first when he thought they were food but they are so fast he quickly gave up on them and he doesn't mess with them now that they are established


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I bought glass shrimp with my old betta, 3 of the 5 were preggo and the adults died but some of the babies lived. So, the babies that lived were born into and grew used to my water parameters, which made them hardier. If my new betta leaves them alone, they may reproduce further. If I were you, I would find a few shrimp at the pet store that are gravid and get those for your tank, so your babies can be born into your environment like mine were.

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