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Great Fish To Keep In A Dense Planted 17 Gallon?

  1. Dexter84 Valued Member Member

    Hey ppl!
    Going to a Lfs next week to get some newcomers to my tank, Current have 3 corys that im planning to move back to my big tank and 1 bolivian ram.
    My toughts is:
    2 Otos
    8 embers tetras or green tetras that i cant find anywhere
    or 5 cherry barbs or maybe some Galaxy rasboras
    what would you put in there that works with my ram? not to big that also works well with plants and are very beautiful
  2. jess3434 Valued Member Member

    Hi, I personally really like celestial pearl danios! I believe they can be kept with rams, what kind do you have? They are very pretty and so are green tetras.
  3. Greg F Well Known Member Member

    Otos would really appreciate bigger numbers. The cherry barbs would de awesome.
  4. Dexter84 Valued Member Member

    So celestial pearl danios is the same as Galaxdanio? thats the one i thinking to get instead of cherry barbs, since they get smaller :)
    I dont really want to put in to many otos dont have enough algae. I thought 2-3 was ok and they dont school that much.
    Any other ides of fish u kept that fits in? :)
  5. Charchar2 Valued Member Member

    Yeah, CPDs used to be called galaxy rasboras. They're the same thing.
    Personally, though, I think cherry barbs would be really nice in your tank. The boys get this bright, vibrant red with good conditions and it looks amazing against green plants. :)
  6. Dexter84 Valued Member Member

    hm u guys making it harder now to choose haha, i would like to get both but is 3 barbs not enough to make them happy? and maybe around 6 rasboras, dont want to be fully stocked

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