Gray Rubberlip Pleco!

  1. WishNixie

    WishNixie Valued Member Member

    I'm kind of beating myself up a little bit.. I feel like I've made a couple rookie mistakes. You know.. you grow up with things, back when no one knew anything, and Google wasn't there to bail us out? lol.

    While I HAVE a nice size tank, I really didn't know that many plecos needed soooooo very much room. (Live Aquaria for example says they need a minimum of 50 gallons. Uhm, Whoa). My tank is a 46 gallon bowfront, and I don't want his growth to be stunted because of me. He also needs cooler waters, like the danios I just listed, so I may have to rehome him.

    I might need some fish shipping pointers.

    I'm looking for a picture of him.. but he's named Ghost for a reason.. because I never see him, and when I do, he's the fastest thing in my tank, and zips around like a fiend, so I'm not sure I saw what I think I saw, lol...

    Ah Hah, found the last picture I was able to get of him.. Shh, don't look at him, he'll flee. :)
  2. Kenny777

    Kenny777 Well Known Member Member

    What is your tanks temp?
  3. OP

    WishNixie Valued Member Member

    80.2 degrees. My male betta, and Cardinal Tetras like it a little bit warmer than the RLP, and the GloDanios, apparently. :/
    So they really need to go somewhere where the thermostat is a few degrees lower, than it is here.

  4. Kenny777

    Kenny777 Well Known Member Member

  5. kuhlkid

    kuhlkid Valued Member Member

    If you brought the temp down to 78, your betta and tetras would still thrive, and your pleco would be happy! It's my understanding that a rubber lip isn't going to outgrow your tank, I believe they max out at 4-6 inches. I also keep zebra danios (longfins) in a tank that usually sits around 78, and they seem to get by fine. Sturdy little fish!
  6. kuhlkid

    kuhlkid Valued Member Member

    Just to add: I saw that 50gal minimum recommendation on Liveaquaria. From what I've seen, they have some bogus info on that site, unfortunately! Here's some info on what looks to me like your pleco   They have a few different rubber lips detailed on planetcatfish, and all that I've seen are in that 4"-6" range.
  7. OP

    WishNixie Valued Member Member

    Well that is good to hear.. at least knowing that they aren't OVERLY suffering until or unless I find them a more suitable home. I also suggested that I lower my temp to 78-79, and that everyone would be fine, but I was told that the danios should be 75 MAX, so.... :/ I am obviously conflicted there.
  8. MattS99

    MattS99 Well Known Member Member

    Rubberlips are best kept around 72-79F and the minimum is usually like 29 gallons. I've even temporarily kept them in 20 longs. Yours should be fine.
  9. OP

    WishNixie Valued Member Member

    Yeah I'm somewhat less concerned about space, but still concerned about temperature. As I said, my tank is currently set on eighty degrees. I'll bump it down a degree until I figure out what to dooo... but until then he will have to be a little warm. :/
  10. goplecos

    goplecos Well Known Member Member

    You could keep all the fish but over the next week slowly bring the temp down to 77 or 76. As long as you do it slowly everyone should be happy.
  11. BottomDweller

    BottomDweller Fishlore VIP Member

    The betta needs 78-82f
    The danios need 68-75f
    The rubberlip pleco needs 68-73f
  12. DoubleDutch

    DoubleDutch Fishlore Legend Member

    Take care for sone good flow (over the bottom so your're betta wouldn't have too much sutfaceflow)

    Ohhh man if I lived in the neighbourhood I'd come and get him. I love Rubberlips.
    Mine is in a unheated tank with a 3000lph powerhead.
  13. J

    Jocelyn Adelman Fishlore VIP Member

    Ditto on the love of rubberlips, I love mine! Thought I would prefer the bristlenoses, but my rubber (Phil) is my favorite.
    If you end up stuck I'd be happy to have him and the danios (assuming they are short fin zebras, I could add them to my school, wouldn't take if long finned though as I have rosy barbs in there and they can be nippy at longer fins (75gal planted unheated...temp stays 70-72)

    Best bet for you though would be to take them in to your local fish store (not a chain) as a donation, if you are lucky some give a store credit which you can your to get more appropriate fish :)
  14. OP

    WishNixie Valued Member Member

    I DID call our local non-chain recently, and asked if they would take the seven little female guppy fry I have, about three months old.. and they said they'd take them, so I'm sure they would take extras, if I took them. I will have to decide what I think is best for them. Argh. lol.

    Oh.. I don't THINK mine are long finned Danios. They seem pretty short on fins to me anyway.

    They look like this. :)
  15. J

    Jocelyn Adelman Fishlore VIP Member

    Not sure the danios would fly in my tank, I have the traditional zebras.

    Another option is to keep the big tank unheated, and stock around the danios/pleco, rehoming the betta into the guppy tank when you take the guppies in....
    I have rosy barbs, flagfish, zebra danios, rubberlip, 2 bristlenose, super active tank....