gravel vac that does not remove water?


Is there such a thing? Does a Python do this? If someone knows of one can u give the name or a link to the web site.

I saw a vac that I think u hook up a air line to it and then there is a bag on it and I guess the air move the junk and poo into the bag but the water is not removed.



WHY? I am all for doing things more effeciently, but have never seen this before. Just wondering why changing the water at the same time as vacuuming gravel is not what you want to do?


EheI'm makes a thing called a "Sludge extractor". Mine lasted for awhile but the housing mysteriously cracked and water got in to the batteries. I didn't pay full price for it either. Marina makes a really lousy battery powered gravel washer. Don't go there it's no good. I believe the Marineland magnum caniters have the option to attach a gravel washer to the filter. Once I get a few more things in order I'm going to hook up a gravel washer to a Rena Filstar canister. It's being used as a filter right now. Eventually I'll just take off the intake and switch it for a washer tube. There is another plugin type recycling gravel washer. I don't remember the name right now but it's about 200 bucks. If my Filstar experiment fails, I plan to try one of those. Oh I found it. Here's a link.
That one looks to be the best. I too have been on a quest for the same kind of thing. I like being able to do an extra gravel clean, especially on the tank with an under gravel filter, with out having to refill the tank. It's even better for maintaining my reef sand. I can clean it up with out having to spend ALOT of time making water.
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O I KNOW that you have to change the water every so often but I would just like to be able to get all the junk that is in the bottom of the tank without taking out water EVERY time. I think I am going to try the on that I linked to.

I tried to rig something up with a old Whisper I have but there is just not a enough power to get the flow started.

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