Gravel Cleaning With Baby Shrimp

Andrew waterson

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Hi all,

A question about the best way to clean gravel and do water changes with baby shrimp (cherry shrimp, lots and lots of them!!)

I use a normal syphon to clean the gravel and remove water, once a week approx 30% water change.
This has become a bit of a chore as I'm rescuing 50+ shrimplets every week.

I've tried using a mesh over the intake (just inside the normal filter on the gravel cleaner) but concerned that it's really reducing the amount of detritus that out.

It's a 160 litre community tank, I probably over feed a bit so think it's important I gravel clean properly.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
Given how fast the cherries are breeding it's only going to get more time consuming!

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