Gravel Cleaning Small Tanks Problem.

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    I find with such small tanks, 5.3 gallons, if I really want to just clean my gravel, I have to hurry up or it sucks up all the water. Is there another way to clean the gravel without sucking out any water that I am unaware of? I have black gravel and for some weird reason the dirt, old food, goes to the front of the tank and somehow gets under the gravel and it looks stuck on the side of the tank, pain in the tukkus.
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    You can use a smaller hose or block the end of the vacuum. If you just restrict the end, the vacuum will be stronger though and may try to pull the same amount of water per minute. You could also restrict both of the ends which is basically the same as buying a smaller setup. Other than that I have no idea.
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    Hmm, can't visualize this. If I block the end, won't the suction to pick up the dirt not be there?
  4. WraithenFishlore VIPMember

    I didnt intend to fully block anything. Just put 4 pieces of tape across the opening to make a square hole. It will make the opening smaller. If you dont restrict the other end by either moving it higher or using something to slow its flow, it will still try to suck up the same amount of water through your now smaller opening.
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    Ahh, okay, thanks.
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    Option A: get a smaller siphon that has small tube with little circumference which would make the water flow out slower.

    Option B: (preferably better) buy an Eheim sludge remover which is like an electric siphon you can use in the tank but it doesn’t remove water only dirt, poo, and other debris. It’s about $59-$60 but it lasts a long time and will make your life so much easier between water changes. It’s like a vacuum all you have to do is change the cartridge when it gets full.
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    Option C get the cheaper vacuum that works as good if not better , depending on who you ask, (following pics were copied from Amazon and may take you to the site if you click them or the name but I'm not sure if the code copied or just the look of code...) Thanks mod for the pic removal since the name was all I was trying to post but some how copy added all the pics too it for who knows why I dunno but that's the only reason I posted them lol.
    Koller Products
    TOM Aquarium Mr. Cleaner Battery Operated Gravel Siphon

    I got it and love it and it works fine for my tank even the 5gallon with half sand substrate in it... You do have to remember to be careful not to let the bag hang over the side of the tank and it can go through the two C batteries it takes pretty fast sometimes depending on how heavy duty of a cleaning you're doing, and there are always other brands as well that might be better this just happened to be the one I got after watching a few you tube videos that made it seem like it was at least as good as the expensive one and if it didn't work when I got it I would have been out 14$ (Which would have sucked) and just have to get the expensive one afterall, bit luckily I loved it and think it works fine. Did have a slight learning curve to it but now I can finally clean without accidentally finding my HOB chugging on air and I've barely started cleaning it seems! Lol
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