Grandpa Toolman's 40b

  1. toolman Well Known Member Member

    As many of you here know I was in the process of setting up a 40b I got last Sunday at the $ per gallon sale for an endlers /pygmy cory/mystery snail tank for the grandkids.

    So while setting up the new Fluval 306 canister my son says Dad your tank has a leak. Low and behold my 75gallon tank (bought used from a guy who bought it used) has a tiny leak on a corner seam.

    So we proceeded to transfer all fish to the 40b and break down the 75 for resealing. Thank God I believe in planting heavily and stocking lightly. Had already seeded the canister with a large amount of media from my Fluval 110 hob.

    Went ahead and started this build thread so you can all follow along if I need help and can see the transformation of the tank to a large nano tank latter.
    Wish me luck!
  2. KinsKicks Fishlore VIP Member

    Good luck and keep updating!

  3. vikingkirken Well Known Member Member

    Sounds like its going to be a neat tank! Following!
  4. toolman Well Known Member Member

    Thanks @vikingkirken and @KinsKicks for the replies. So after 24hrs in the 40b with no prime, no bacteria here are the test results...
    O ammonia
    O nitrites
    10 nitrates
    7.5 pH
    50ppm gh
    90ppm kh

    This was using 20 gallon ro water and the remainder tap water (~15gallon). Have no deaths, everyone looks fine so far. I dosed my regular pps-pro ferts, which is where the nitrates came from.

    Didn't get good head count Sunday, but here's what I believe I have.
    6 Australian rainbows (one 3")
    4 morning dwarf rainbows
    2 female swordtails
    3 female platys
    4 blood fins tetras
    4 salt and pepper corys
    7panda corys

    These are remnants of past stockings, livebearers are oldest, along with pandas. Salt and pepper corys are ones my son raised, get additional female and male breeding stock (1 1/2",big for their breed) plus one juvenile when son goes to college next month. Dwarf rainbows were all lfs got in, will get more and move to another tank. Australians are newest.

    Picked up some Fluval cycle while in town this am, gonna use it just to be on the safe side. Used it before with good results. Also got sealant for 75 when I get the sand and rest of water out. 3rd shift and haven't been to sleep so cleaning up that will have to wait.

  5. toolman Well Known Member Member

    Having trouble figuring out how to post pics, was cloudy Sun, but is clear now, will get pic later.
  6. toolman Well Known Member Member

    Added a bottle of Fluval bio bacteria, had read some bad reviews here but lfs carries it and I had good luck last time with it.

    So today's test results..
    0.25 ammonia
    0.25 nitrites
    30 nitrates

    Dosed with prime and will check again tomorrow.

    So I skipped a day on pps-pro ferts today, work 3rd shift and am trying to avoid a water change before Friday.
  7. toolman Well Known Member Member

    On a side note, have always wanted least killifish and wondered if they could be kept with endlers when I get this mess straightened out.

  8. vikingkirken Well Known Member Member

  9. toolman Well Known Member Member

    Least killifish are not actually killifish they are a dwarf livebearer, but thanks maybe he or someone else will have some info.
  10. NavigatorBlack Fishlore VIP Member

    Funny you raise this... least killifish (Heterandria formosa) have been discussed around here a bit lately. I am developing a bit of a livebearer keeping theory, and hets are part of it.
    I think they would fight a low grade war with the endler's. More and more, I see serious competition between livebearers bred in the same tank. I have a colony of Priapichthys nigroventralis, a tiny and very pretty little Colombian softwater livebearer. Nothing could be gentler.
    That said, I introduced a few extras to my long established Het colony, and all was lovely for a few weeks.
    Neither species eats its own fry as a rule, and both reproduce effectively, but not with huge drops. Hets drop a fry or two every day, and nigroventralis drop one fry a month, every 28 days, like clockwork (but breed at a few weeks of age).
    Soon, I discovered these non cannibals started eating each other's fry. For 2 months, okay. Once numbers were climbing and resources were narrowing, it got nasty.
    For a while, the hets were winning, then the ginger ale livebearers hit back. There is not a single Het left in that tank now.
    I had similar things in my 4 foot livebearer showtanks - swords beating out mollies, mollies beating out platys, etc. Adults act like the best of tankmates, but they go for the next generation.
    So I suspect it might go that way with endlers and Hets.

    Anyone else seeing this?

  11. toolman Well Known Member Member

    Actually, yes now that you say so. I believe I have seen this with platys and swords in the 75,before the leak of course.

    Today's test results...
    0.25 ammonia
    0.25 nitrites
    30 nitrates

    So I dosed with prime and will check again tomorrow. I'm going to skip the pps-pro fert today since the nitrates are rising, never saw that in the 75. Used to stay around 20or less.

    Thanks for the information, guess I will have to decide which I want....
  12. toolman Well Known Member Member

    Grandpa Toolman's 40b, and some happy transferred. 1500517578877.jpg

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  13. toolman Well Known Member Member

    Lost a neon dwarf rainbow today.

    0.25 ammonia
    0.25 nitrites
    30. Nitrates
    Dosed prime, excel, and pps-pro and will do water change tomorrow.
  14. vikingkirken Well Known Member Member

    I have found my neon dwarf rainbows to not be very hardy. The fish farms have pretty weak stock nowadays.
  15. toolman Well Known Member Member

    I'm cycled!

    Exactly one week with seeded media and only lost 1 fish, wish all aquarium emergencies went that well, thank goodness I had the 40b to set up. Finished emptying the sand and water from the 75 today. Gonna do a water change early tomorrow morning to the 40b.

    vikingkirken I think your right, my neon dwarf rainbows haven't seemed very hardy either. The Australian Rainbows are seemingly indestructible though.
  16. toolman Well Known Member Member

    Did a 25% water change today, added 5 gal ro water/ 5 gal tap water and 1 tablespoon equilibrium. Trying to slowly raise hardness, didn't use ro last time I filled tank.
  17. vikingkirken Well Known Member Member

    Curious, why are you using RO water...?
  18. toolman Well Known Member Member

    My well water is extremely hard so I cut it with ro water to get a more general ph and hardness. Had trouble with certain fish not showing colors in hard water.

    Test results after water change.
    pH 7.5
    Ammonia & nitrites 0
    Nitrates 20
    Gh 90ppm
    Kh 90ppm

    Hardness from tap 280kh & pH 8.3, it has been an interesting journey and I still haven't mastered it.
    Discussion, advice, and insight welcome.
  19. vikingkirken Well Known Member Member

    I'm surprised, most of your colorful fish (the rainbows and livebearers) prefer hard water.
  20. toolman Well Known Member Member

    I have some bloodfin tetras who looked washed out when I first got them. My platys don't spawn as often as they used to, I m ay slowly change from 50 ro/50 tap to 30ro/70tap to increase successfully swordtails /platy breeding and the rainbows.

    Want my livebearers, and cory's to breed. When I restart my 75 may be a good time to do so. May keep the bloodfin elsewhere.