Grading Opinions?

Discussion in 'Cherry Shrimp' started by Rainbows and Fishes, Apr 13, 2018.

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    B27929B6-1214-4FC3-81DA-97F293394FC6.jpeg641EAC51-2119-4E8B-9198-496662F4562C.jpegFDA83F00-1671-4177-96CE-ED7B3127C0CF.jpeg096218A7-6844-4C0E-B2B4-DC0E14B07BC4.jpeg105B5164-58C2-4643-915D-F39302A1C152.jpeg Two weeks ago, while looking for shrimp for my 55 gallon community tank I stumbled upon Amanos and some lovely Cherry Shrimp at the local petco in my area (my LFS doesn’t carry shrimp). Though I was planning on purchasing just the Amanos surprise surprise after a bit of research and hearing success stories I decided to purchase the cherries as well. Very sadly, shortly after adding the shrimp I was horrified to witness my Rainbows eating one of the cherries :eek: I immediately set up my ten gallon with pre cycled media and am happy to say that all 7 of my shrimp are doing exceedingly well! I often see them eating algae off of my aquarium plants and one of my cherry shrimp is already berried! After the drama I’d like to know what grade my beautiful little crustaceans are going forward in my unexpected but fascinating shrimp aquarium.
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    I going to say they are fires. the reason for this is that they are completly red including the legs. But, you can still the see the saddle and that they are berried making them not quite a painted.
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    Yeah I agree, fire red - painted fire red.