Gouramis in the Mix 55 Gallon Tank

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  1. pinksprklmonkey

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    I have been watching the stock at my LFS and I really like the blue/opaline/gold gouramis. I was originally going to put a dwarf gourami in my tank, but I wondering if I might be better off with a couple of the larger varieties, especially after reading about all the problems people have had with them.

    The rest of my stock is kinda up in the air, but I know for sure I want rams, GBR and electric blue. I'm thinking maybe a school of cardinal tetras and maybe a few cherry barbs. Would I be alright to get one of the larger gouramis for the mix? Maybe one of each (but only two, like 1 blue and 1 gold or 1 blue and 1 opaline)? Would these be okay?

  2. Meenu

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    I think they are aggressive with each other. \\
  3. Jeffcameron

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    Yes they are aggressive with each other but generally not with other fish. I have two oplaline Gouramis in an 85G and the male still chases the female around even with all that room. It's usually only during feeding time though and no damage is really done as there is so much room to get away. Also having decorations or plants that break the line of sight helps.

    Males are supposedly more aggressive than females so getting two females may work although I've heard of people reporting problems with females too. I have heard that if you keep two females to a male then the aggression is better dealt with by the females because they are sharing the load. Females have a rounded dorsal fin whereas males have a pointed dorsal fin.

    I love my Gouramis so I say go for it but just keep those things in mind. Hope this helps :)
  4. Aquarist

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    Good morning,

    If it were my tank, I would try to avoid the aggression issues and only house 1 Gourami per tank. However, there are some types that will do ok and I think one of these types is the Sparkling Gourami. (someone correct me if I'm wrong). I believe Lucy has some Sparkling Gourami's together.

    Hold on for more responses.

  5. Marc M

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    I have 2 Pearl Gouramis (M +F) and 2 male dwarf gouramis in my 75 gallon community tank. The male Pearl occasionally chases the female for a short spurt but they get along for the most part and are very peaceful with all other species. In my opinion they are the most beautiful of the larger guoramis. The two dwarfs occasionally fight over territory but the tank is big enough that they don't mix it up much and I have never seen an injury. Hope this helps!
  6. Gouramis get pretty aggressive with each other, I would only get one.
  7. michael68

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    Click on my camera and check out my two dwarf gouramis living with my male betta.So far no aggression.
  8. OP

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    Ok, so maybe getting just females would help? I've never seen sparkling gouramis in my LFS but I will ask. Maybe I could get a pearl and a couple sparkling? I would do my best to get females but I'm a beginner and I'm not sure I'd be able to sex correctly, and I'm wary of trusting the LFS to sex correctly.

    I will see what they have, but I will probably just get one so I don't have to worry about fighting, unless you all think the pearl and sparkling idea is a good one. My tank is well on its way to being heavily planted (lots of fake right now, until I update my lighting tomorrow and get real!), has 4 terracotta pots for caves and has PVC pipe that we carved out on the sides so the fish can swim in and out. Hopefully these t hings will help keep down aggression and give the wittle fishes lots of places to hide. :)
  9. OP

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    How long have they been living together? That mix is kinda scary to me! I think I'd be too nervous all day long that I'd come home to carnage! :(
  10. michael68

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    The betta was the first one in the tank.They have been living together for just about 5 months.They hardly pay any attention to each other.Its sort of amazing!I keep a very close eye on all the fish.Maybe i got lucky or maybe the worst is yet to come.
  11. Aquagirl1978

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    I have a neon blue gourami and a golden gourami in a 20 gallon with 2 glass catfish and a glofish they have been tank mates for over a year and no agression, they all live in perfect harmony.
  12. Marc M

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    Male Pearls have a deep orange coloration on their breast whil females don't. You may not be interested in female dwarves as they are significantly inferior in color to the males. I would go with either two female Pearls or a male and female pearl. Avoid two males.