Gouramis Fighting

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    I recently added two more gouramis to my aquarium. I currently have a dwarf gourami, loaches and a pic catfish. My boyfriend and I wanted to add more color to our tank and bought a gold gourami and a blue gourami. The guy at the fish store said if we added those two they will be fine with the dwarf (because I'm pretty sure mixing gouramis can be bad). Well sure enough, the dwarf was harassing both the other gouramis really bad. So I quarantined him for a day, just to see how the other two would react. Now the blue one is going after our gold. Not terribly, but he is. So today I added back the dwarf to see what would happen. He dwarf has been a little aggressive but not how he was at first. All three of them will get really close to each other like they are friends, and then a couple of them will start to attack one another and freak out. So i guess my question here is, would I be better off keeping just the blue and gold, or because the blue was attacking the gold one I should get rid of him and the dwarf? The gold one seems the most innocent. I haven't had luck with gouramis lately, a couple months ago when I got a couple dwarfs they killed each other. And before that in the past I've had a couple blues and they ended up fighting too. I really like how gouramis look on the tank but I hate watching them fight each other. I see a lot of people don't have problems with multiple gouramis but I always have. I have a 35 gallon tank with natural plants on the side and plenty of hiding space. What do you guys propose I do?
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    Welcome to Fishlore, hope our members can help you today :)
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    To be honest I am asking myself why the original DG should go if you got some bad advice about the others.

    Quarantining a fish that only shows natural behaviour defending his own spot is no use. They can't be "punished" or corrected.

    I"d bring the two new ones back to this "smart" LFS.
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    Your LFS is incorrect, gouramis are close cousins of the betta fish so they will fight. I would recommend 1 male 1 female dwarf gouramis.
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    I'm wondering why you got more Gourami's after having 2 kill each other before? Just keep one and don't try to add more.

    I just got a Bolivian Ram yesterday because I had been looking for one for awhile and it was supposed to get along with my Dwarf Gourami. Well he didn't, at all. Guess who went back to the store...It wasn't the Gourami.

    If you want more color get some Tetras that are compatible with the other fish.