Important Gourami's Don't Do Current!


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I thought I would share my experience over the past day or so which cost the life of one of my Honey GouramI and almost my Pearl. (contains ramble)

So the other day I enthusiasticly set up my new 63 Gallon tank I got off Ebay, was supposed to be a 90 but alas a bargain is still a bargain. It came with lighting, heater, substrate and a POWERFUL FLITER to match.
I took down my 27 gallon and added my mature canister filter from that as well as the fish and plants, wow my Vallisneria has come on, I remember a couple of months after planting it there was still only the 4 leaves(?) now a year later over a hundred.

So anyway to the point, in my excitement I didn't really pay attention to just how powerful that new fliter was and as I turned the light on this morning I noticed the Pearl starting to roll and behind the filter the dead Honey. Of coarse my first reaction was to test the water fearing I somehow killed my BB in the 4 foot move but as i'd hoped the water was good. Only then did I notice the other Pearl swimming frantically against the current and It was obvious. Gourami's really don't do current at least certainly not that strong. So make sure your fish can handle the power of your filter and if not buffer it with sponge or something.


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Yes I have had similar issues with gouramies. I found 2 solutions.
1.) Place the decor in the tank so as to create areas without much water flow.
2.) Use a long spray bar instead of a single outlet for your filter return. This creates an even but slow current.

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