Gourami Question

  1. T'sTropicalTanks

    T'sTropicalTanks Valued Member Member

    Can I put a sunset thick lip honey gourami with a female betta in a 29 g tank
  2. KaitlynR

    KaitlynR Well Known Member Member

    I did some reading up on the sunset thick lip honey, and it sounds like if you're going to do them, you should have at least 2. They also tend to be slow swimmers, and not very aggressive, so putting it them in with a betta may work and may not, depending on the temperament of the female betta. I know female bettas aren't supposed to be as aggressive as males, but they can still display aggressive behavior. They can possibly outcompete the gouramis for food, leaving the gouramis to starve.

    Use your best judgement on this! Temperature and pH wise, they will work. Both are labyrinths. Just whatever the beta's temperament is like will end up determining it.