Gourami With Fuzzy Eye - need help

One of my Gouramis eyes are covered with some kind of fuzy stuff and I don't know what it is. I had a problem with ich and it seems to be gone now but one of the gouramis eyes look really weird what is it and what do I do? Don't want to loose it can anyone help me?
It could be "cloudy eye" disease or an onset of some other disease such as velvet, or any other disease that produces a film on fish's body. What often happens is that after a fish recovers from one diesease, it later gets another disease as a secondary effect of the first disease (like a secondary infection). If you were treating your fish with some ich medication, it may have left the fish's immune system weakened and vulnerable for other diseases. However, wait for Gunnie or Butterfly to confirm what disease they think your fish has and why that may be. Mine is just a thought. The treatment depends on the kind of disease your fish has. If there are no scale-less fish in your tank, or if you have a separate quarantine tank, it's always safe to add aquarium salt to a tank in case of a disease (1 tablespoon per 5 gallons of water I think - and mix that salt in a cup or two of water before you add it to your tank). It's also good to be doing frequent water changes if you're not using any medication that requires keeping the fish in medicated water for a certain period.
Sounds Like fungus. Maracyn II is an excellent medicine for fungus. If you have a quarantine tank it would be wise to move it now. Also will use less medication if the q tank is smaller.
Thanks for the advice but I only have a small fish bowl to put any of the fish in and I already have 3 black neon tetras in that. I moved them because they had ich really bad. My fish in the 36 gallon tank seem to be rid of the ich but the tetras are still really bad. Should I put the gourami in the bowl with them?
Even if you get a NEW bucket and put him in there with a heater and some filtration it will do. They don't have to have a fish bowl or tank, just a clean container that hasn't been used for any other purpose. I have a hospital tank going right now made out of a bucket and have done so many times before.

Don't put the Gourami and Tetras in together. They have different diseases and neither needs to be exposed to the other and the Gourami may be aggressive toward the tetras.


Here is a picture of my current hospital tank with Marty in it and he is doing fine. It is a little small, but I really don't want him moving around a lot and keeping himself wound up. He spends a lot of time resting and eats and swims like always. He seems content and happy and it is easier to medicate him and takes less medicine with less water to dilute it.

Thanks you guys for all the help! I really appreciate it. Like I said before i'm new to this stuff and don't really know what to be doing. I had lost all my gold fish a few months back (6 of them!) and now i'm having trouble with ich again! I'm not having much luck with the fish. Don't understand why i'm having all the trouble. If I loose all of these fish I think i'm going to give up! :-[
If you are treating ich the main part of treating it is the temperature. You must raise the temperature to 85 degrees and leave it there for at least 14 days to kill the parasite that causes ich. If you do not it just transfers to the other fish in your tank. That is an absolute given.


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