Gourami Destroying Plants

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by 123, Apr 11, 2018.

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    Hello :) I've got a honey gourami male in a planted tank. First week when I got him he picked up all the grass-like tiny plants from the gravel and ate their roots while they were floating on surface. After he got rid of that plant, it all seemed fine, so I though he just had fun with it because it was small. Since then nothing for like a month. Recently he started picking on the tall plants. Specifically the ones on pictures. He comes to them and chips off the leafs ... I dont think he is eating them, because they are constantly floating around the tank, which looks bad, but another issue connected to it is that it is clogging my filter and then tiny dead leafs are decomposing all around place. He also just comes straight down to the plant and pulls on it until he gets it out from the gravel. Some of the plants have half of their leafs chopped off already. I have honey gourami females in other tank with same plants and they don't do that. Could it be that he is missing something in his diet? I feed him 2x a day. In the morning tetra flakes (these are for rice fish, but he eats them too) and a bit of tropical artificial worms, and in the evening they get flakes or every other day frozen mosquito larvae. The plant is kind of important as I got it because the small sides of my tank are basically mirrors and you could imagine it causes issues. And these plants were the tallest/thickest I could find in shops.

    Thank you for your thoughts :)
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    Anabantids do this to bind bubble nests. Chew, spit, bubble.
  3. OP

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    Greeeat :D Lol It is because he was actually spawning with the females, but then I had to take them away because it was tiny tank for them anyway. I also made the filter to disrupt the water surface more because I have only airstone which is very loud and my rice fishes seemed as they could use some air. So, now I at least know why is he doing that :D Thank you!
  4. DoubleDutch

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    But try to add some algae / vegs (cooked spinach or lettuce) into it diet as well.
  5. Initiate

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    Ambulia is the plant you have I had it as well but my DG destroyed it. Aim for plants that aren't as small leafed or fragile. For exmaple java fern
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    He's being instinctual is all...and unfortunately, your plants are paying the price for it which sucks! You can also maybe try the super hardy anubias. Not even most heavyweight cichlids can mess with those! They're bulletproof!
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    I was actually getting green water couple days back, also I have one fry in a fry net in the same tank which Im feeding infusoria at a time, so I would be bit afraid to add algae to the tank. But I will try the cooked spinach/ lettuce :) Do you blend it, or just boil a leaf and drop it in whole?

    This is my first tank so I actually bought 7 different plants to try them out, which will work and which wont :) I will move the ambulia to my other tank then and will buy java fern :) Thank you for the tip :)

    You are right :D It is really fun to watch though, how I try to make a nice organized tank...and then the little guy 'redecorates' because it is His home and he will do Whatever he wants haha :D I actually have anubias plant, and you are right, it is great, he does not mess with that one, he even lies on its leaf sometimes to chill (I know it is strange for gourami, but he is a healthy fish, he just likes the plant) I think I will get two more of them too, and just cover up the mirorring sides of aquarium with the big leafs :)
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    I meand for the adults !
  9. OP

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    Yes I understand you suggest me to add extra veggies to my adult gourami diet :) Its just that it is a small tank, and I already started having green water problem last week, also into the same tank Im adding infusoria for the one fry, and with all the dead leafs flying around and clogging filter I would be bit afraid on an algae boom if I add extra algae :) (I am staying on top of my water changes, I know Im overstocked at the moment) But I will try to feed the adult the spinach and lettuce, I have some at home so :)
  10. DoubleDutch

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    excuses for being not so clear.

    With algae/spirulina I mean wafers / flakes or granules. They won't contribute to extra algaegrowth.

    Spinach and lettuce can, after been cooked, be shred in smaller parts.

  11. GlamCrab

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    Hehe i had a DG destroy all my floating plants.