Gourami being a chameleon?

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I've seen some similar posts and I'm not too worried but my blue gourami seems to do that color changing several times a day and it happens very quickly. Other posts I have read seem to indicate this change over long periods of time or like a more permanent event. I believe it's because of temporary overcrowding (platys had fry so my other tank has like 40 babies in it and had to move adults into this tank totaling 8 fish for 20 gal, I know it's bad but not much longer). Water parameters have been same as always and tank was cycled almost a year ago. Also have an overkill filter and frequent water changes. None of the fish have health or behavioral issues, just thought this a little strange with the frequency and speed of color changing. Poor thing will have space again soon though.


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Your basicly seeing a really stressed trilo in a tank that's crowded and too small for her. Id be flaring my stress colors if I were her too. Trilos do best with a tank that has atleast the dimensions of a standard 29gal tank. Personally I would only ever put one in a 30+. They get aggressive as they age. The stocking is 7 live bearers and the gourami right? That's not too bad although they have a larger bioload then many fish their size but I belive its the colors that are really ticking of the trilo. If you just added all these guys at once she should be rather shocked to see thes new colorful fish suddenly appear before her lol. Deffinetly a territorial issue aswell. So long as you are fixing it though I say best of luck to you. I would also start culling or seperating males and females. Watch for signs of aggression from her BTW, a angry trilo is a force to reckoned with although some are nicer then others. Plus yours seems female.

EDIT: I forgot to even mention, I call 3 spots trilos just do to a accidental nickname by a friend of mine. That a diffrent story though.
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I like soltarianknights nick name for Blues or Three Spots - Trilo.

Here is my 2 cents worth on Blue (Three Spot) (Trilo) Gourami. I have one male and two female Blues in my 125 gallon tank along with several Angelfish. They all get along for the most part but from time to time they do squabble but it is never anything major. The male is definitely the boss because when he flares the female will almost loose their spots. This happens very quickly and they get them back just as quick as they lost them. As for over all fading mine are almost two years old and they have never lost there color permanently.

They have personality and I enjoy watching them among the Angels. The swim all over the tank but each one of them has their own little hiding spot that they retreat to around lights out or when ever they just want to be alone for a few minutes. It is like they all know when Sam goes into his man cave it is time to leave him alone and same goes for the girls going to their spots. None of them ever go into the others hidey spot but will come to visit close to the door as to say come out and play.
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Good morning and Welcome to Fish Lore!

Beautiful Gourami!

I hope you enjoy the site.



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I wouldn't mind hearing more. I'm not sure what is their happy color. Mine was more or less grey with the three spots when I brought it home. Now that it's been in the tank (don't know how to tell male vs female) for about three weeks she has gathered a lot of spots, even spots on the fins, it's pretty, almost like the opaline version of gourami. It seems happy and swims all over slowly but deliberate and does retreat to a cave a few times a day. It eats just fine, though not a lot per feeding.
Tank paramaters are normal. 78 degree's and in a 29 gallon with 6 zeba danios that just stay near top of the tank, and two ram cichlids. All the fish have gotten together just fine. Never even any chasing between anyone. The rams have only been there for about 10 days and are very very small. the gourami is by far the big man on campus.

what shade is normal?
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Id remove the 3spot. Now. That's a bit of a small tank for him and he WILL become aggressive as he grows, if you value your rams you will do something with the 3-spot. 10days is not a time period to base any assumptions on.
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It is a HE and he will become very aggressive as he ages they need a tank 30 gallons or larger. And if in a 30 it should be him and a female or 2 females and that is it or him and a nano school of fish(like cloud minnows,neon,or tetras) but if he does stay in the 20 gallon he will start killing off the other fish especially the rams. My friend has her blue in a 90 gallon and he will chase anyone that gets near the females or him and he has killed our fish in the tank she had rams in the 90 and he killed them so be very careful or move him or the rams will be killed.
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Move him, he needs the bigger tank, not the rams.
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Move him, he needs the bigger tank, not the rams.
I sent before I finished typing opps sry
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