Gourami and neon tetra compatibility

Discussion in 'Dwarf Gourami' started by jma503, Aug 19, 2005.

  1. jma503

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  2. Jason

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    I think they'll be fine together my gourami usually leaves them alone, but he doesnt usually go near them because my angelfish hate him. The neons should be quite happy unless some of your gouramis are wierd and just dont like them like my angelfish
  3. AlphaOmega

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    Wow, this is soooo weird lol :)

    I was just thinking that same question!!! I went out this morning and bought 2 blue dwarf gouramis and so far they seem to be getting on well with all my other fish as well as my neons ;)

    Although, if you had a full-sized normal gourami, i doubt the tetras would be safe then... depends how large your tank is, and if there are lots of places to hide.
  4. Jason

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    Yeah probably
  5. Lucy_kk

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    I keep tetras and DG's together and they are fine for me..
  6. wolfman21

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    The neons should be ok to put in the tank with the Gourami. Mine leaves them alone unless they get in his way, then he lunges a little, but just enough to get them out of his way, not out of aggression.
  7. vin

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    I've got bloodfin tetras with my neon dwarf and he could care less...he hides a little more than usual, but other than that he's fine.
  8. pinky93

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    Here's a link for a compatibility chart: