Gourami acting strange

  1. Myfish001 Initiate Member

    I have 3 golden gourami's. 2 female, 1 male and just recently, the male has been hanging around one corner of the top of the tank and one female hangs out in a corner at the top of the tank on the opposite side. Alk my reading's are normal. Anyone know about that? The other female could care less. She is just a social butterfly.
  2. silliputty23 Member Member

    My honey gourami did that for several days after first introducing him to the tank. He was the only one in there, as well...After a week, he warmed up and started swimming around all areas of the tank.

    I only have Purple Harlequin Rasbora and Corydoras in there with him right now and he seems to like them. He was in the middle of the Cory group when I first introduced them, and was searching the substrate for food as though thinking he was one of them. I was a proud parent.

    If your Gourami fish are new to the tank, wait it out a bit.

    If not, consider the other tank mates. They may intimidate him.

  3. Peacefantasy Well Known Member Member

    What do you mean readings are "normal"? What are the exact numbers?
    What size tank? How long has the tank been established?
    Are the 3 gourami the only fish in the tank?