Gotta Check this (SHARK TANK)


2nd. Mekong Blue-eyed shark

3rd. The black shark

4th. Red dotted shark and the dolphin labeo

5th. Black shark, dolphin labeo, blue-eye and the labeo parvus

6th. Black shark, blue-eye, red dotted shark and the labeo parvus right in the middle.

7th. Black shark, Dolphin labeo, Red gilled violet shark, Albino black shark and the apollo shark just visible at the top of the pic.

8th. Black shark and the albino black shark

9th. There are a few non "sharks" in there. These are the trio of pink tailed chalceus and of course there are the clown loaches and gibbicep plecs (two standard, one albino)

10th. final shot is a full tank shot. 150UKG's of I've added lots of bogwood to the bottom to give plenty of bolt holes for the smaller fish.

Its my friend tanks. He is not in my country.


Re: Gotta Chech this (SHARK TANK)

nice tank!.how big is it?


Re: Gotta Chech this (SHARK TANK)

HI love the big black shark how big is it?


wow! I've not seen a tank like this before! Won't that huge one eat the small ones? Those pink tailed fish are pretty...I'll have to read up on them! I love the diversity in the sizes...all of my fish are about the same size so far, except my common pleco and my one (so far) rainbow...and it kinda looks boring compared to this! oh my... will I ever be satisfied? lol no, I'll just have to get another tank!

Joe G

Awesome Tank


Looks like hes got some serious filtration going on there which is good to see. Second - great fish (all good but this one stood out to me)

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