Gothic Damselfish Pico 5.5g

  1. xiholdtruex

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    So my niece @Gothic Damselfish moved in with me a few months back and she loves all my tanks and wanted to have a salty one of her own in her room. She has a 2.5g with a betta so far. So I had my 5.5g sitting with two hermits and some live rock in the living room. I proposed we build something with it and this is what we came up with. The stocking which will be a 3 striped damsel and 2 sexy shrimp is where the name comes from.


    Marina s10 hob with ceramic rings, chemi pure blue nano and a piece of floss.

    Aqueon adjustable 50w heater

    5lbs of live rock

    Future equipment

    Second hob to hang on other side for water flow or power head.

    Asta Marine light

    Diy tiny protein skimmer

    Future Stocking

    1 tiny 3striped damsel

    2 sexy shrimp

    2 trochus snails

    Euphyillia garden on live rock

    IMG_20180923_212422.jpg IMG_20180923_212510.jpg
  2. OP

    xiholdtruex Well Known Member Member

    Current peramiters after moving tank upstairs.

    Ammonia 0 ppm
    Nitrite 0 ppm
    Nitrate 2-5 ppm
    Phosphate 0.03
    pH 7.8
    Sg 1.023
  3. OP

    xiholdtruex Well Known Member Member

    Added a marineland biowheel 150 with a sheet of filter floss and some purigen for flow and filtration.

  4. Joshaeus

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    Good start :)
  5. stella1979

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    How's this one going? :)
  6. OP

    xiholdtruex Well Known Member Member

    Its going good so far have the flow going. Now just need the light. Have been hunting ebay listing for cheap local frags lol

    Will most likly pick up the damsel soon before any frags.

    Wierd thing happend to the tank. Placed a bag of regenrated purigen I use to use in my fw tanks and the water turned yellow. Pulled the purigen out and placed a bag with 3/4 of a cup o carbon in to see if it removes the tint. Has anyone heard of this?