Got Some New Frags Yesterday

  1. krazyone2006

    krazyone2006 Well Known Member Member

    So my favorite local reefer is having a frag sale and I hit him up yesterday. I think I got a pretty awesome deal I spent $50 and here's pic of what I got

    A Purple tip/Green body Hammer Coral (top)
    Pick w/Green Polyps Cabbage Leather (bottom)



    Blue Clove Polyps


    Purple w/Green Center Blasto (7 heads)



    and Idaho Grape Montipora



    I am loving the Hammer Coral and Blasto also have two little hitchhiker zoa's on the Idaho going to try to move them onto a frag of their own eventually
  2. Slug

    Slug Well Known Member Member

    Nice pickups! I'm looking into getting myself either a Hammer or a Torch soon. Its also hard to beat the classic Idaho Grape Monti, nice deep purple cap.
  3. OP

    krazyone2006 Well Known Member Member

    Thanks I was kinda leary on the hammer cause I got some blue trumpet corals that keep teasing me I think they are dying one polyp comes out looks ok one day then they look like bright green stone for 2 weeks and look like they are dead which freaks me out. LoL and the hammer is kinda the same branching head type coral in a way so hopefully it stays out like it has since adding it.