Got Fish! Few Questions?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by delusionalpanda, Jul 20, 2017.

  1. delusionalpanda

    delusionalpandaNew MemberMember

    So, my tank finally cycled! And I got my fishies!

    Eight panda corydoras...

    Eight white cloud mountain minnows... well, that's what I asked for but when I opened the bag at home, there were nine... so yeah, free minnow?

    And twelve red cherry shrimp... err, again, that's what I asked for... but when I opened the bag I had eleven red cherries...

    And... this guy...

    So my first question may be obvious, but... what is he? From googling, I'm guessing some kind of tiger shrimp? Second question, related, is he okay on his own? Will he hang with the cherries, does he need company of his own kind? He seems pretty comfortable right now, he's bold as anything, even giving the corys angry-legs in defense of "his" algae wafer... :rolleyes:

    And then my other question, how much should I be feeding? I have Aquarian flakes and sinking pellets, and Hikari Algae Wafers. I left everyone alone the day I brought them home, and then I fed them a bit; six or seven pellets, a tiny pinch of flakes and half an algae wafer because they were quite big (though I fished the majority of that back out because it was still there several hours later; should I give less or are they okay to sit in the tank for a while?) I was planning on getting some frozen bloodworm or something in at some point, too.

    So how much of these things should I be giving? And if I start to supplement with frozen bits, do I not feed them their flakes/pellets that day?

    ETA: I forgot my last question.. :p

    Lighting... I've currently got it set in three different stages to phase the light in/out to avoid light shock, so I have low blue & white "twilight" phase from 9AM to 10:30AM and from 9PM to 10:30PM on the way out...

    Then a low white with yellow filter "sunrise" and "sunset" phase from 10:30AM to 12PM and again 7PM to 9PM...

    And the white day lighting from 12PM to 7PM...

    Does this sound okay? I have a few live plants, though most of my green is plastic, so I wanted to keep enough light to keep them happy.
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  2. ChiefBrodyValued MemberMember

    The white day light period is kinda long. Might wanna cut that down to 5 hours instead of 7 or you'll have too much algae. Good job stocking they should all workout. Definitely don't need a heater if your house doesn't have big temperature swings. It's best to feed them little bits multiple times a day to keep them metabolizing strong. It's also good to rotate food types to learn who likes what etc. So only put enough food for them to make disappear in 3minutes or less. Once it gets really established the shrimp and cories will have stuff to eat growing in the tank so be careful not to fowl up the tank if they start eating less than what's offered. So less is more. You can feed up to 5 tiny meals a day. White clouds are awesome. You put a little current in there both they and the cories will thank you. More plants means less nitrate so fewer water changes so where you have the lighting already why not?
  3. OP

    delusionalpandaNew MemberMember

    Thanks for the reply! Will 5 hours bright light be enough for the live plants? I assume the java ferns and moss would be okay, what about the vals and sword? I've had the lighting like this during cycling and haven't had much of an algae problem so far. I do intend to swap out for a few more live plants in places, but honestly I'm brand new to the hobby and wanted to get into the routine of looking after the fish and the tank in general before I have more demands in terms of plants. I'm also terrible for rearranging things and thought that would be easier (on me and the plants!) if I didn't have to uproot. :p

    I've got the heater in there set at the lowest (20C) because the room they're in is north facing and it's an old house so not brilliantly insulated, the room gets down below 10 some nights in winter so I didn't want things to drop too low. It's not coming on at the moment and the water is steady at about 22C. I realise I could take it out for the summer but I had it in there for the cycle and it seemed easier to just leave it be.

    I see the fish playing in the current that's there already, I could tilt the filter output down a little to make it stronger but I wasn't sure as that would mean removing some (or all) the surface agitation...
  4. jmaldo

    jmaldoWell Known MemberMember

    Very Nice job for a newbie. Nice pics by the way. I feed twice a day. I would let everything settle in for awhile. Monitor and then make small adjustments to the light time if needed based on growth of plants vs algae.

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