Got Bamboo Shrimp!


Yesterday I was at Petsmart and saw they had Bamboos on clearance for $6. I nearly fell over cause I had seen Bamboos at my lfs going for $17 each, no joke. I have been wanting some for quite a while, and Petsmart only had 3 left.

Well, I am currently in the process of setting up another 20gal for Endlers Livebearers, and possibly Platys and/or some kind of tetras, as well as lots of shrimp. I had been hoping on getting some Bamboos for this new tank, but it seems I will not get the tank set up for a while due to needing more money and the filter I need being out of stock. So, afraid they would sell all the Bamboos before I could get the new tank up and running, I went out on impulse today and bought two.

I didn't want to put them in the q tank since I am medicating the Cories in there currently, and I didn't think the shrimp would like the chemicals in the water. So, I figured I could stick them in with either Fuego or Cas, where I could keep an eye on them until the new tank was set up (I didn't figure they'd be able to carry any fish diseases, so I didn't q them). Well really really BAD idea...Fuego took one look at the shrimp and said "LUNCH!!!" and started attacking him. So I moved them to Cas's side of the tank, same thing happened. Sooo, I ended up putting them in the 20gal with Dorado, who (thank goodness) seems to view them as just another pesky but tolerable tankmate. I don't know why I didn't put them in there in the first place, but I guess I was thinking that they were going to go in the new tank so it would be harder to catch them in the 20gal, which also has a bad algae problem so I can hardly see anything.

So, end of story, now I have 2 Bamboo shrimp swimming happily around my 20gal. One of them is just massive...he actually whacked Fuego right back when he got attacked and left a nice bruise on the poor guy (though I can't say he didn't deserve it The other guy is tiny and very kidding that shrimp took one look at Cas, who was just swimming over to check him out, and began launching himself an inch out of the water. Never seen a shrimp jump before. Heh I should call them Bam (the big one) and Boo (the little one)...would suit them perfectly.

Ok I'll stop writing now. Nothing else to do right now, heck.


Good luck with them, they are selling for $10.99 at our closest Petco. I had wanted them, but spending $10.99 for ONE shrimp was a little much, seeing as my Silver Dollars would probably eat them.


wow.....bamboo shrimps are cheap here. Petco and Walmart sell them for $4.

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