Got An Opportunity To Work On And Restock Both Of These Saltwater Aquariums At My School. Question

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    Well today I inquired about caretaking for these tanks and was told the one that does is leaving and they were looking for someone to take care of them in the coming future, that includes water changing, cleaning, feeding, and restocking/scaping.

    First tank is about a 300-200? gallon long salt water fish tank, with a Domino Damsel, Banded Coral Shrimp, Green Linckia, and a Spotted Linckia.

    The other tank, not too sure tbh, could be a hospital tank.

    There is also a freshwater tank not shown that looks to be about 100 gallons? Maybe a tad more? With a couple of some fish that's similar looking to silver dollars but bigger?

    While I'm familiar with caretaking fish and freshwater (had about 12 tanks back at home before) I'm nowhere familiar with saltwater except going a tad into brackish.

    I know they will go down the rundown of caretaking these tanks ect, but I was wondering if you guys have any tips regarding to care taking saltwater tanks over freshwater.

    Also stocking suggestions would be cool!

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    With saltwater the biggest question is whether or not they have an ATO system (Auto Top Off) as water evaporates but salt doesn't. So fresh water (generally RODI Water) needs to be added to keep salinity levels in check. If they have a sump with a filter sock(s) it will need to be changed frequently (ie every 3 days) or the tank will increasingly get worse for algae. Beyond that the tank is so lightly stocked I can't see any issue other than overfeeding.