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  1. Sarah73 Fishlore VIP Member

    Okay, so I have about 20 RCS shrimplets and 4 RCS. Here's my problem, I also have pond snails. 100 to be rounding. Do you think 1 assassin snail will kill all of the snails, but not harm the shrimplets? Also if they do, then do you got a better solution?[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. Aster Well Known Member Member

    I haven't dealt with snails myself, but I've heard that you can also stick a piece of lettuce in there, leave it in for a while until it's covered with snails, then pull it out and toss it. Repeat until your snail problem goes away :)

  3. Skyy2112 Member Member

    Currently working on this myself. Moment ... Typing.
  4. Sarah73 Fishlore VIP Member

    i am trying the lettuce. just put a big piece of lettuce and i see snails.

  5. Skyy2112 Member Member

    So, we got a tank about 2 months ago. 5 guppies, 12ish RCS, planted, with rams, ponds, and trumpets.

    I like dropping algae wafers for my shrimp once or twice a week (they last a couple days) and shrimp would collect. I used to keep them in for a half day or whatever when I remembered, and netted it out w/ whatever snails were aboard, and bye bye they went.

    This was good, but not enough. Our trumpets were nearly gone, our rams are gone. Unfortionately, i miss the rams, keeping trumpets, they reproduce slowly, and yeah.

    Recently, for the last few weeks when I'm in a tank I'd pull snails out when maintaining.

    Over the weekend, I moved my 20H into a 20L. I checked driftwood, plants, and swapped substrates. I have yet to see any pond snails, i did keep a couple trumpets.

    I have used wafers and still haven seen such. I however have seen eggs, I removed them out of caution.

    I've heard both sides for assassins. IMO young/slow shrimp will become targets, but they prefer snails.

    I also know they breed depending on food offered.

    Try some wafers, or green beans (cans, salted or unsalted) or cucumber, and pull them the morning after. This will greatly reduce the amount. If you are overwhelmed like I was, you need to check for eggs, and possibly flip substrates.

    If you use assassins please keep me updates, I am very curious. If they dont go after shrimp, keep them for future plants! =]
  6. Sarah73 Fishlore VIP Member

    Hmm. I am trying the lettuce right now and no snails are on it. They love the zucchini way better. And they love their algae wafers(even though it's meant for the shrimplets). I am thinking about getting ONE assassin and see how it goes. I don't know thou:(
  7. Aster Well Known Member Member

    If they like the zucchini better then do the same thing with the zucchini. Put a piece in, then pull it out when it's covered in snails.

  8. Lady Monster Well Known Member Member

    Are the lights off?
  9. Sarah73 Fishlore VIP Member

  10. Lady Monster Well Known Member Member

    I think you are supposed to turn the lights off and then after a while they will gather on the leaf.