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    Ok simply put I have grown tired of the LFS in my area. They give bad information to just make sales and don't seem to be very knowledgeable about much at all. I am simply wanting to start ordering offline after my own research. I am seeking some opinions from you guys for good companies/ online sites that you have dealt with as far as equipment fish and coral.
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    I love as well as aquabid and aquaria. I personally have never had any trouble. You can also purchase from fellow users here!
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    Marine Man Valued Member Member ??? Really
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    I have ordered from and I like their prices on filters, filter media, test kits and food. Also have good service and shipment arrived well-packed and protected.
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    pitbull_nc Valued Member Member

    great I will take a look at Safe to say though that I will stay away from lol.
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    I'm sorry if you may have had a bad experience with Marineman. I didn't order anything live from, but did order my acrylic aquarium set while on sale and ended up saving around $40.00. It was my first experience with them and my aqaurium arrived in a timely manner and wasn't broken so for me it was a good experience. Others may have had problems though :D My next aqaurium will come from them as well (during one of their sales)
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    Good morning,

    I have also used for fake plants. I saved .50 a plant by ordering on line compared to shopping in the store. I ordered 2 dozen at one time so it saved me a little bit of money. Fast service too.

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    I wouldn't order anything that is supposed to be alive from petco. The last time I ordered online it was from and I wasn't impressed. The fish came with pinched stomachs and within a month.