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What is a good vacuum for a 10 gallon tank? I just baught one but it sucks. Doesnt pull anything out and its time consuming also. Please give some advise and also let me know how much they cost? Thank You
EHEIM Sludge Extractor & Gravel Cleaner this one is cordless and takes batteries I don't personally have one but I have heard some good views and bad views of the product. I use the Python No Spill Clean and Fill that you hook to a facuet sucks all the dirt and keeps my tank looking great. Petco sells the cordless gravels cleaners for like $50 bucks little to rich for my blood they also sell the other one between $25 and $50. That is my two cents anyway.
Depending on your substrate....I just use a piece of wide tubing. I just put silica sand in my new tank, which can't be cleaned with those gravel digging kind of cleaners. If your using gravel, petco does have some nice ones, but I have always used the cheap-o one with my 10 gallon.
How is the hose different from the cheapo siphons? What makes it more suitable for sandy bottomed tanks?
I think the only difference between the cheapo ones and the tube is that the cheapo one will have a piece of solid wider tubing at the end.

I have a sand substrate, and I personally prefer just a tube without the larger ending. but it's kinda personal preference.

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