good stores near buffalo NY??

Discussion in 'USA Fish Stores' started by mrgoogls, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. mrgoogls

    mrgooglsValued MemberMember

    i want to know if there are any really good stores near me that i dont know about...i know this plave called creekside pets and i know markhiem pets. but other than that all dumb chain stores.
  2. matt6765

    matt6765Well Known MemberMember

    Markheim is where I shop! I have also heard good things about That Fish Place.
  3. kitty2234

    kitty2234Valued MemberMember

    Hi Friends,

    I love That Fish Place, but be prepared to wait awhile to get the help you might want. They do not seem to have enough salepersons for all of the customers that go there.

    They do have a gigantic collection of fish! And a ton of merchandise, magazines, and equipment. I try to go there - every few months.

  4. OP

    mrgooglsValued MemberMember

    where is "Thhat Fish place"? it sounds pretty good
  5. kitty2234

    kitty2234Valued MemberMember

    The Fish Place is at 141 Robinson St, North Tonawanda, NY 14120

    The phone #716-693-4411 and the hours are M-F 12-9; Sat 10-6; Sun 11-5.

    Over 300 tanks in use! Jake Mang is the manager. (This information is in their ad).