Good plants for a low light setup?

Discussion in 'Aquarium Plants' started by davidsmyname, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. davidsmyname

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    I going to a 30 gallon aquarium with live plants. I was wondering good plants for low light setup, and one that wont make the tank look cluttered. Thanks!
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    Get a corkscrew vallisneria in the back and dwark sag in front.
    Most stemplants are too light demanding for low-light setups and swordplants do 'clutter' the setup - I only recomend swords in very large tanks...

    Will you be using driftwood or roots in your tank? Then Anubias species are good; also consider java fern. Both should be attached to wood or rocks, not planted in the substrate.
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  4. OP

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    yea,well i hope to be using driftwood if i can my hands on some i couldnt find it at my lfs.butmi looked for 5 mins than had to leave otherwise i can order so all in all, yes.:;tmi on my part sorry.
  5. JoannaB

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    Java moss is great if you do want the tank to look cluttered - it is wonderful at cluttering up a low light tank. :)

    You could try a banana plant. I love mine, and it does not look cluttered, especially not if you do a bit of pruning and occasionally snip off a leaf that tries to reach the surface.
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    know that i thought about it would be kinda pointless to not have it cluttered well thats the wrong word i guess just it doesnt look like i havent touched for weeks and i do plan on prunning and all that and thanks for all of the ideas thanks!