good morning from NH

  1. Shawnie

    Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    DSC06911.JPG DSC06913.JPG

    DSC06912.JPG DSC06914.JPG
  2. Lucy

    Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    That's beautiful Shawnie, thanks for sharing the pictures. :)
  3. Gouramiguy17

    Gouramiguy17 Well Known Member Member

    snow!!!!!!!!!!!so do you think there is going to be school tomorrow?

  4. OP

    Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    the first of of the season is thats enough ;D LOL

    gouramiguy we get feet of snow and have school..i doubt a few inches will cancel it..but my daughter is hoping! LOL
  5. redlessi

    redlessi Well Known Member Member

  6. Butterfly

    Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

    That's just beautiful!!! I love snow but as I get older once it's here I'm ready for it to leave LOL

  7. M

    Melissawater Valued Member Member

    Yup that's what it looked like early this morning:) I always like the first's the many many feet that come after I do not like as much lol!
  8. bolivianbaby

    bolivianbaby Fishlore Legend Member

    Those are some beautiful pics, Shawnie! It looks peaceful. Thank you for sharing those pics.
  9. Beth1965

    Beth1965 Well Known Member Member

    I am soooooooo jealous.
  10. OP

    Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    I will share with everyone!!!!!!!!!
    cold packs included with shipping :)

    ty for the nice comments :)
  11. Aquarist

    Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

    Good morning Shawnie. How beautiful! That is how I'd like my yard :;rudolphto look on December 23, 24 and 25th. Make it happen!:cold:

  12. outlaw

    outlaw Well Known Member Member

    You can have it Ken. lol. I don't live in NH, but we get snow like that here and it is certainly not welcome here :D It is very peaceful looking though as long as you are on the warm said of the window.
  13. Gouramiguy17

    Gouramiguy17 Well Known Member Member

    the most snow we ever get down here is about 5 inches, last year we had freezing rain and 3 inches of snow and we were out of school for a week
  14. MissMTS

    MissMTS Fishlore VIP Member

    Wow Shawnie, that's beautiful :) We have never gotten snow where I live, and I have only been to the snow once when I was about 5 years old. I know all of you guys that get lots of snow get sick of it, but I would love to have a snowy winter for once ;)
  15. Red1313

    Red1313 Fishlore VIP Member

    I'll trade you... :p
    Actually I can't complain to much, until last Monday we were snowless, however we've gone from like 0-(-10)*C whether to high's of -17*C in less then a week, a bit of a shock to the system :p
  16. sirdarksol

    sirdarksol Fishlore Legend Member

    Neat pictures. We had a light dusting a couple of days ago, but nothing like this yet.

    If MN didn't have school every time there were a couple of inches of snow the day before, school would only run from April to October, and we'd have a winter break, instead.
  17. scatty

    scatty Valued Member Member

    Wow, how beautiful. I've only ever seen snow around the house once - when I was visiting a friend in Washington state :). We don't get snow like that, even in our snowfields the snow is much wetter and slushy. Guess it doesn't get as cold over here. Right now I'd love a little to cool our summer heat a bit....
    Thanks for sharing Shawnie :;hi1
  18. Amanda

    Amanda Fishlore VIP Member

    Looks like NY!!
    LOVE IT! First snow of the season!
  19. DRock914

    DRock914 Valued Member Member

    We got 3" yesterday, I'm guessing you got the same storm Amanda. Can't wait for the mountains to open up now.

    Gouramiguy: Where I live I have had school closed from 2" of snow but when I went to college upstate it took 2 feet for our first snow day.
  20. l

    lorabell Well Known Member Member

    wow how peacful looking.....thaks for sharing......I havent seen it in 10 years!!!!!! and Im freezing here in the south with it being 50......