Good idea or bad? 29 gal

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    ashtonroxxx New Member Member

    In my 29 gal i have 1 peacock cichlid(the smaller kind itll be about 5in) i was wondering if i could get 1 blood parrot, 1 german blue ram, 1 apistogramma, and 1 kribensis. I have rocks for them to hide in and such and i have read up on it and pretty much everything says its alright just be wary and a lady at my LFS said kribs would be good. So far im set on it( but if i had to not get things i would choose to just get the blood and krib). Idk IMO it seems good but id like to see what you have to say
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    Unfortunately, you shouldn't put more than 1 species of cichlid in a 29 gallon tank. It's doable in a 36 inch tank like a 40g breeder or a 48 inch tank but 29 gallon tanks just do not afford enough room for multiple cichlid species.

    The blood parrot alone should be in a 55 gallon. When they are small you can keep them in smaller tanks like a 40 gallon but really they will need a 48 inch tank. The peacock cichlid should also be in a 48 inch tank though I've seen people keep them in 40 gallons successfully.

    The Blue ram, apisto, and krib can be in a 29 gallon comfortably but not all at the same time. I would suggest picking one species of dwarf cichlid.
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    I have to concur to what tyguy7760 said. In addition what was said keep in mind that with larger tanks, while may seem more overwhelming, it is easier to keep the environment stable, meaning your water parameter don't change as rapidly as with a smaller tank.

    And your fish will be happier...