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Good Evening Fellow Fish And Plant Lovers.

Discussion in 'Welcome to FishLore' started by Julabean, Apr 25, 2019.

  1. JulabeanNew MemberMember

    I am the proud owner of a 30 gallon long aquarium with a variety of fish, who are all named, a Mystery Snail named Gary, and plants. It was a Christmas present for me and my husband to ourselves because we had been wanting one for a long time. I also have a 5 gallon betta tank. He is a solid red veil tail named Taco and his tank is also planted.

    Through watching Youtube videos to learn about aquatic plants I found this amazing guy, Cory McElroy of Aquarium Co-Op. I think by now that I have watched all of his videos! My plants, which all came from Aquarium Co-Op, include: Java Fern (new to me as of today), Bacopa Caroliniana, Crypt Parva, S. Repens, 2 Amazon Swords, Scarlet Temple, and a mystery plant. I have fallen in love with aquascaping with plants and my tank is now exactly as I want it.

    I discovered this site by searching for a topic I wanted more information on and have already learned so much. I am looking forward to chatting with all of you and continuing to learn from you and with you.
  2. Dawn MicheleWell Known MemberMember

    Welcome to Fishlore!!!

  3. JulabeanNew MemberMember

    Thank you Dawn. I've been looking for a good fish and plant forum for awhile. I'm glad I found Fish Lore!
  4. LovecichValued MemberMember

    Welcome! Can you show us photos of your tank?

    I like your new look Dawn!
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  5. Dawn MicheleWell Known MemberMember

    Thank you so much!!! I appreciate it!!! :)
  6. JulabeanNew MemberMember

    Good evening Lovecich. I just took some pictures of my tank in its current state. I apologize for the light in the pictures, my camera sucks.

    I just trimmed my Scarlet Temple today (I recently learned the red plants need iron so I bought some Easy Iron from Aquarium Co-Op) and am waiting patiently for my Bacopa Caroliniana to really come to life (they're giving me a hard time). I bought a bunch of 15 Ludwigia Repens today, which should be in on Wednesday. The rest of the plants are doing great. I also ordered some spider wood and moss to spiff things up a bit. As you can probably tell I am enjoying aquascaping!

    Oh, the lava rock cave you see with moss on it: I made that one night when I couldn't sleep. Just lava rocks, marimo moss balls (cut up) to fill in the cracks, and super glue.

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  7. LovecichValued MemberMember

    Your plants look so healthy!
  8. JoyceheatheringtonValued MemberMember

    Welcome to the group! I've been looking for YT Videos. Thanks for the suggestion!
  9. JulabeanNew MemberMember

    Thank you! I've been watching every video I can find to learn all I can about each plant before I buy it. I discovered Easy Green and Easy Root Tabs through Cory, the owner of Aquarium Co-Op. Listen to me, I sound like an advertisement! I absolutely love all of their fertilizers and plants because they work better than Seachem and the plants are always healthy. The only ones I didn't buy through them were the 2 Amazon Swords, which I bought at Petco, as my first plants. The employee told me they are almost impossible to kill. The trick is to make sure to give them plenty of root tabs.

    When I have a chance I'll post pictures of my 5 gallon Betta tank. I named the Betta Taco Bowman, after the head of the Outlaws because he looks like a bad boy. He's a bright red Veiltail. I'm in the process of revamping it with some spider wood and plants, so forgive the current chaotic look.
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  10. JulabeanNew MemberMember

    Here is a picture of my 5 gallon with my betta, Taco. He has such an awesome personality! I feed him by hand, one pellet at a time. As you can see I have a Java Fern attached to a lava rock, in the middle I have a crypt parva (too small to see because it's a clipping from my big one), and I just put in some Val Asiatica (aka Corkscrew Val). This morning I bought some small spider wood trunks, which will replace the head cave and some Phoenix Moss and Anubius Petite to attach to them. I want something more natural. In the future I would like to get some spider wood for my 30 gallon.

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