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I'm planning a 55 gallon build this summer and right now, at Petsmart, there is a 55 gallon starter tank (tank, hood, filter, heater, and more) on sale for $100! Is this a good deal, it seems like one.


That is a great deal! Last week I saw a 75 gallon on craigslist with a stand and supplies for only $100 but it was already sold


It a good deal, but a watch out for a couple of pitfalls:
- Is the filter capable of sustaining the stock u have in mind? For a hob on that size tank, your target is in the range of 550 gal per hr, regardless of what size tank the filter says it’s rated for. Is it a cartridge filter, which offers less flexibility for customizing media? If it’s a canister, u want at least 250gph. Depending on these answers, u may need to replace or supplement the filter included in the package. More $.
- Will u be growing plants? If so, the light in the package will also probly need replacing, and possibly also the hood. Again, more $.
- Do the math in the heater also. What will be the biggest difference between tank and ambient temps? If the heater isn’t up to the job (ie if it doesn’t have sufficient wattage) you’ll need to replace or add a second unit.
So if u need to buy all these extras to have/maintain the tank u want, it might be that all you’re getting from this package is the tank.
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I will be adding a second smaller filter.

I’ll check the GPH.

I’m doing all low light plants (Anubis, java fern, crypts).

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