Good deal for planted 20 long?

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    Have our 20 gallon long set up and want to get good lights for it. Since it is a shallow tank, I was hoping to have success with this really nice Kleiner Bar sword we put in. The plant is very healthy and has great deep color to most of its leaves, so wanted to know which light I should go with. Found this on sale and wondered if it would be sufficient, it seems to be a good deal. We would love to go with LED for energy reasons but that throws a whole new loop into figuring which ones would work with plants considering spectrums, etc.
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    Most of the basic marineland LED fixtures generally aren't set up for growing plants until the Marineland LED plant fixture (pricey :eek:). What is your current lighting?

    None of the next lights I list are lighting integrated hoods. For the value vs. performance I would check out the finnex LED fixtures. The FugeRay would put you at the higher end of the low light level, but may not be enough light for the sword. The Finnex Ray II 7000K would provide more light, but you would end up at the low end of the high light category and there isn't a 30" length yet. If possible the 24" version may work hanging over the tank.

    If you are open to options other than LED, you may want to look into a dual T5NO (normal output)fixture. Example:
    This would put you in a medium light range which would work well for the sword and many other plants that you may want. Either way with the Ray II or T5NO you will need to dose a carbon supplement such as seachem excel (unless you have shrimp or other invertebrates).

    Finnex fixtures:

    Marineland (the double bright is low light, and the plant capable may be high light)
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    Good advice above. Just thought I'd add I used the fixture you linked to grow hornwort and java fern, however, the lower sprigs of hornwort would die off pretty quickly when shaded even a little. I don't think it would work well for a medium light plant like the sword.
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    I have seen VERY FEW commercially made led lights that are actually capeable of sustaining more than low light plants on the long term. I recomend T5HO whenever possible, and I really like the Aquatic life line of lights. Thou I do own a couple of the HAgen GLO series that are very nice also.

    I would highly recommend this light I own bot ha 48inch and a 36inch version and love them both.
    (Sold from Big Al's)

    Here is a Hagen GLO in double bulb

    Hagen GLO single bulb

    What I really like about the Hagen is that it is sealed. The bulbs are actually double sealed in place. I was skeptical at first but they do just fine with no water or corrosion problems at all. I have 2 of the 24inch units and I use them diagonally on my 10gal tanks, they sit directly on the rim of the tank and have no problems. The ONLY thing I dont like is that there is no inline switch on the GLO series, you either have to use a timer or unplug it to turn it off. Not a huge deal to me as all my lights are on timers but might be a deal for some.
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    I was looking through the links above and comparing with anything else I found on amazon since I was there. Does this look like a good setup? Seems to be a good price for what it has.

    Either that one or the Aqueon from PetSmart

    Also found a few on Ebay, what are your thoughts on these?

    We already have a glass top across the tank, so that would sit on/above it. We also have the option to hang a fixture above the tank, so still considering all the ones you guys listed above!
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