Good balance?

  1. Andrew Sackett

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    I have a 55 gallon tank with x3 koi angle fish x5 peppered Cory's x1 bronze cory x5 male guppies x1 BN pleco and 1 angelicus loach (planning to get him some buddies) I also have some crypt, java moss, Anubis and an other plant I'm not sure the name of It think its a amazon sword, for filtration I have a 55 gallon HOB and a Finnex 360 canister filter(I use it as a HOB). Does this seem like a good balance? I don't yet have a test kit I hope to get a master test kit soon.

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    I forgot to mention I put 6 trumpet snails in the tank too, to keep the sand from forming gas pockets, I'm not sure the population of the snails now.

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  2. Phishphin

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    Thanks for all of the information! One of the main concerns I have (other than those generated in the report following this) is the likelyhood of the guppies becoming lunch for the angels. You may also find your male guppies fighting to the death with no females...

    I derived the following from AqAdvisor:

    Warning: Malaysian Trumpet Snail may become food forAngelfish.
    Suggestion: If you want to keep more than 1 Guppy, minimum recommend male to female ratio is 1:2 (M:F). You will be less likely to experience problem if you get even more females.
    Note: Bristlenose Pleco needs driftwood.
    Warning: At least 4 x Bronze Cory are recommended in a group.

    Warning: At least 3 x Angelicus Loach are recommended in a group.

    Recommended temperature range: 24 - 27 C. [SIZE=-1][Display in Farenheit][/SIZE]
    Recommended pH range: 7 - 7.5.
    Recommended hardness range: 10 - 15 dH.

    Warning: You should add more aquarium filtration capacity.

    Your aquarium filtration capacity for above selected species is96%.[​IMG]
    Recommended water change schedule: 36% per week.
    Your aquarium stocking level is 116%.