Goldfish with Triops

  1. LWormy Member Member

    I know that triops can go up to 3 inches and prefer coldwater like goldfish. They are pretty well armored so goldfish would probably have trouble eating them. Any idea if triops will be good tank mates with goldfish along with snails? I know they won't attack the goldfish or snails for sure. It would be nice to have a bottom feeder other than snail.
  2. Anders247 Fishlore Legend Member

    Triops are really cool! If you want them to keep coming you will have to dig their eggs out and wait for them to dry, though.
  3. poeticinjustices Well Known Member Member

    Are they aggressive? I know nothing about them but they look like they could do some damage to the goldfish if they wanted to, which I would worry about. I had a ghost shrimp pick a scale off of one of my fish once. I am not familiar with triops but they are an invert right? Most inverts tend to be pretty sensitive to stress and water quality so even if the goldie can't physically hurt him, he could conceivably stress him pretty good. Remember goldfish spend a lot of their time foraging along the bottom of the tank.

    Honestly I don't think I'd do it...a quick read online said they are carnivorous and they look like they could do some damage if they felt at all threatened.
  4. Anders247 Fishlore Legend Member

    Triops come from arizona, utah, nevada, and australia, the desert areas. They bury their eggs in the sand until it dries up and and when it rains, they hatch. Kind of like invertebrate killifish.
  5. Adam55 Well Known Member Member

    Triops! Oh wow, I have not heard a thing about them in a long time. What a unique idea. If memory serves me, which almost instantly means I'm wrong about 98% of the time, I think they only live for a couple months.
  6. LWormy Member Member

    They are short lived but they can't hurt goldfish. They have no pincers. They only have small mandibles around their mouth are they are actually scavengers. They are way too small and slow for goldfish. I think that they will be able to eat baby shrimps, but that's about it. They only fish I have every heard them eating is dead neon tetras. I'm pretty sure that they are hardy. I mean, they live in a puddle. If you live in a puddle, you can't complain much, can you?
  7. Anders247 Fishlore Legend Member

    Very true.
  8. Anders247 Fishlore Legend Member

  9. LWormy Member Member

    The only question I have about triops in my goldfish tank is whether or not they'll eat all my plants. I have hornwort, java fern, and anubias barteri. They are all pretty tough plants. Most website say that they eat plants. Do anyone have any ideas whether they'll be able to chomp through the tough ones too? By the way, will they eat aglae?
  10. poeticinjustices Well Known Member Member

    If they're scavengers, I imagine they'll eat anything. Goldfish tend not to leave much food for scavenging so it's possible but I read they're carnivorous? If that's the case, unlikely they'll eat anything that isn't meaty unless they're starving.
  11. LWormy Member Member

    Actually, they are predetory scavengers. Go look up their feeding habit and u will see that they eat los of veggies. They will hunt small prey like baby shrimp or fry. That is why i am concerned. I Like my plants and intend to keep thwm from being devoured.
  12. hampalong Fishlore VIP Member

    Most fish are carnivorous but they eat fish food. :)
  13. poeticinjustices Well Known Member Member

    Well haha. That's why I said I know nothing of them. But they sure are interesting if kind of creepy looking haha. I have not had good luck with bottom feeders and goldfish so I am pretty much done with them. Maybe some snails once in the bigger tank but I am still researching that.

    Do you already have the triops? You could test and observe closely.

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  14. LWormy Member Member

    I don't have the triops, I am just playing with the idea of having them. Who knows? Maybe they'll be the next most popular aquarium inverts; :)
  15. Anders247 Fishlore Legend Member

    If only they lived longer.......
  16. LWormy Member Member

    Flame that bright don't burn long, man. It's life.