Goldfish with ich + flukes


Hello everyone

My goldfish is having sudden severe body twisting/twitch and erratic speedy swimming while scrubbing on the gravel , sometimes i notice fade red spots on his body ,the color of his scales are faded (yellow) but now i changed his diet to a more nutritive floating pellets and the color is turning to orange but some scales are still whote /yellow and his vitality seems to get very high ,he no longer stays on the bottom of tank, his fins are not clamped.
the weird thing is that i noticed some white tiny strips that seems like empty sacs and are visible in the back of the body where his caudal fin originate hours later they dissapear,maybe they fall off his body.
Before making a 50% water change and switching from flakes to the pellets,he had white stringy poop ,now they are not visible,his poop is normal taking the color of the pellets,could it be he has internal worms?

This goldfish also have a mild ich problem, during the day i sometimes notice one smal white dot behind his eye and dissapear later on .

He got also a very mild pop eye with white cloudy spot in his right eye , so getting rid of tjis problem is also a concern, as i said,it's very mild but i prefer to get this goldfish into a healhy state once again.

My question is, what is the course of action to get rid of the ich,flukes and the possible internal parasite? And how about the pop eye problem?.

I have aquarium salt but i never used it,i have np idea about dosing it or if it will affect the beneficial bacteria or the nitrogen cycling.

There is a oversized top filter with 2kg ceramic rings that are cycling right now and a brand new mecanical filter , the aquarium was cycled buy as i added more ceramic rings and cleaned the gravel With dechlorinated water,maybe the nitrogen cycle was compromised because red veins in the fins were visible after that but each day they are fading away, the tank pump and air stone are on 24h/7 except when feeding the fish ,water change is 30l /week ,but as there seems to be an ammonia spike ,i am doing a 30% water change every 2 days since this monday,so tomorrow again 30l water change.
I will attach some pics to show you the" white sacs" and the discoloration also ich white spots.
I never medicated this fish tank,and the goldfish is the sole owner of this aquarium since 2008.

Your suggestions are welcome


Update: the flashing is due to hexamita: stringy white poop and fade coloration of the fish( yellow instead of orange), also slight right pop eye and cloudiness.

I decided to start the aquarium salt treatment for the 100l fish tank, when i turn off the filter and air stone ,i noticed a lot of protozoa swimming on the surface of the water when viewed from the bottom toward the led light.
Monday : 50% water change + 3g salt/ l , no water change until 7 days (next monday morning)
Next monday:
during the past week ,the goldfish was more active , no ich white spots on the fish at all and today not a single protozoa on the surface of the water.
The head of the goldfish is orange again but the body is still yellow with some white colored zones .
The pop eye has improved and cloudiness is almost gone
I fed the fish 2 times daily with floating pellets: the stringy poop is thinner and that's why i saw significant improvement, the pellets soaks in the salty water so the hexamita is clearing from the intestines of the goldfish.
I made 50% water change and put the correspondent grams of salt for the dechlorinated water i put back into the fish tank ( 50l *3g= 150g of aquarium salt)
I will make a large water change next monday and will start metronidazole 250mg(flagyl) treatment for the hexamita.

So guys , if anyone can advice me about the dosage /water changes/ duration of the treatment,i would appreciate it , i was told to use 500mg metronidazole/100l daily for 7 days and 50% water change everyday before medicating again with the 500mg metronidazole/100l ,in the 8th day i would do a large water change + activated carbon for a week to get rid of metronidazole but i am not sure about this regiment and no info on feeding the fish during the treatment !

The pictures shows the stringy white poop: floating ones and the other type that's much more thinner post the first week of salt treatment and floating pellets soaked in the aquarium salted water.


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